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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    there's a special place in hell for people who do that to a CBX
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    EICMA 2019. Post all new bikes or updates from show

    booo that wouldve been awesome, not that I can afford even a regular H2
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    EICMA 2019. Post all new bikes or updates from show

    MV Agusta Rush 1000, based off the Brutale Man MV makes sexy bikes. and the new Brutale 1000 as well:
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    EICMA 2019. Post all new bikes or updates from show

    The production RS660 which the tuono is going to based off: not an SS but def got the specs to compete: 100hp from an inline twin, 372lbs dry
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    Kijiji people are evil

    Did not know this was a feature. I had someone offer me $500 for something I had listed for a reasonable 1500 FIRM multiple times even after I had told him NO. Saw he had multiple ads on kijiji with each one saying 'no lowball offers, don't waste my time.' You could call me petty but he had...
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    Has anyone every needed or wished that they had an IDP?

    Greece needed one. Similar experience as someone mentioned, rental agencies like that I had it, but mentioned for people without they just warn them not to get caught or tell the police they left it at the hotel. Was never stopped but $25 for piece of mind? Worth it IMO
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    Revival of the mini supersports?

    They mentioned in the article "Destined to be made in Indonesia, right alongside the powerful Kawasaki Ninja H2, the 2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is said to be world model machine. " Couldn't they just install limiters like on larger displacement bikes?
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    Revival of the mini supersports?

    New Kawsasaki ZX-25R, inline four 250cc with top shelf suspension components. Said to be coming to North America. The 250 and 400cc inline fours we never got here were amazing bikes, rev sky-high with more character and better sound than the current single or twins. Hope this catches back on...
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    23 M1 S1000RR $12000/yr

    If they catch you twice on an s1000rr, you shouldn't be on an s1000rr....
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    Do you know this scumbag?

    And the amount of condo fees you pay.
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    Supersport to a naked?

    It depends on the type of riding you do. Weekend warrior, supersports are fine for that you might miss the high revving, scalpel nature of the SS if you get a naked. But if you commute frequently or ride in GTA, naked positioning and the low to midrange works wonders. If you are looking at the...
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    360 video camera for your bike.

    clips from the 360 turned out a lot better than i wouldve thought. nice vid. I didnt zoom in or try to but you might want to becareful with that credit card showing in there.
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    Ford government proposing photo radar

    Man, this thread has brought out the entitled and crazies. It's been proven in Europe and even if you think about it logically that permanent camera radars will slow down vehicles in that area better than random police traps. Even the stupidest driver would stop speeding in that spot or take...
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    Hauling Motorcycles

    Ive only had 5.5-6ft beds and moved countless bikes without issue have a Ready Ramp, load, strap it down and have the readyramp as backup. Raptor was a big high but still able to load an intruder 800. Main issue was clearing the top, but we had 3 guys so not a problem. if you are loading or...
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    Lane splitting

    The mentality here has to change as well as awareness. I was stuck on the 407, accident closed all but one lane right after hwy 27 merges on. Dead stop for 10mins so I filtered through at a reasonable speed, didn't even get out of first gear. I counted at least 4 tractor trailers or landscaping...

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