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Who's dreaming up something big for next year?


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I've ridden 3 hours for a good chip truck
PA for a bakery...... damn they must be good butter tarts :)

When I was younger and bored, I drove a few times to Montreal for Schwartz's and some bagels for the drive back. Now that I think about it, wouldn't mind some of the above...

chili chicken is life.

Always ask for them to make it dry, oh so good. Anything Hakka is just plain awesome, though not terribly healthy 😭


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Amazing. Thanks. Eating it now. Not the easiest to eat in the car but good flavor, good heat and friendly people.

Annalakshmi 10086 hurontario.

its even better when eaten inside, the food gets a bit soggy depending on how they pack it but...such is the cost of covid


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Hack, were you planning to ride out west for tuk? Some want to ride all the way but I may trailer out west with a buddy to save time (and skip a lot of super slabbing). Also that would mean not having to change tires out west.

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