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  • and by the way...

    For touring related stuff, I have the bike modded with a gel seat with a sheepskin cover for really long trips, an adjustable windshield, full Givi hard luggage, highway pegs, crash bars, fork brace and more. I also have it wired for GPS, heated grips and heated clothing and a voltmeter to monitor my power consumption. There's lots of other stuff on the bike, but the above mentioned stuff covers the things that make it more comfortable for longer distances.

    I ride a 2006 V -Strom 650. It would be a great upgrade from the GS500 to a bike that is better equipped for longer touring. I've done 1000+ kms in a day (many times) and it's not bad. The bike is very reliable and easy to ride both hard in the curvy roads and cruising long distances. I've got it set up for a nice mix of street and touring oriented riding, but have had some dirt tires on it in the past and taken it down lot's of hard-packed gravel and sandy roads. I also like it as a bike for 2up riding. It gets me about 400km/tank and has good fuel efficiency up to about 120-130/kmh. I've got about 75,00km on the bike and it has been completely trouble free. I expect to ride it well over 200k.

    Some pics of the bike are here...

    I am considering to upgrade from my GS500 inorder to do more long distance touring and wondering what bike you ride.
    Most I have ridden in a day on it was around Prince Edward county and back. approx 650km's

    hey Shane
    i really enjoyed you storey of your trip to Deals Gap and back.
    i have been down there twice this year.
    last time down there we road the Cherohala and i just loved it
    i have a week off coming up in may and am looking a riding down there and back.
    i was thinking 219 down to say Oakland then work my way over to Front Royal.
    then take Skyline to BRP then to the Gap.
    i'm not much of a slab rider.....i just get soooo boared with it
    i was wondering if you could recomend a way home
    its not a problem if it takes 2 days as thats what i'm counting on to get there.
    2 days down.....2 days there....2 days home
    would love to bend your ear about this sometime but wasnt sure where you lived
    (i'm in waterloo)
    anyway thanks again for your storey
    I use CDJ's with Serato now. Most of the sets on my site are just with vinyl and decks but I recorded all my vinyl into .wav=>.mp3 files because I didn't like lugging records around.
    Just wondering what you use to mix? CDJs, I'm guessing?
    Mixes on point, as usual!
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