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New Ontario Blue Licence Plates- Your Opinion?

Do you like the new Blue Ontario Licence plates?

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If it saves money and is of equal quality, good. It sounds like it won't be (Waste of money).
Redesigning them was a waste of time and tax money.
I don't like the design but that's irrelevant.

This government has redesigned a lot of signs, stickers, plates, logos... Coincidence his family runs a signage company?


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Yes I would also think that if they are cheaper to make than they would be cheaper for us.

However they still have not reveled how much this whole redesign program cost the tax payers thus far.

Maybe the little saving from each plate is paying for that.
Didn't they? I recall something about 80k. Last time liberals changed the plate it was north of 200k iirc.


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A sticker right on the vehicle would be nice. Like you do on any other salt water vehicle lol


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Didn't they? I recall something about 80k. Last time liberals changed the plate it was north of 200k iirc.
Seems entirely too cheap for government "not my money" spending. Apparently redesign cost 90K, but they don't specify how much for changing manufacturing process. For 90K on that vomit inducing design, they got burned hard. Fiver could probably have come up with better designs (hell, get 100 fiver designs for $500 and pick the best one, I suspect 90 of them will be better than the 90K one).



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My current plates are at least 30 years old. One is in terrible shape (quite rusty) the other looks fine. Everytime I change cars, they want me to get new plates. Screw that. These have over 1,000,000 kms on them and are three letter, three number plates. The bad one will get a bath in evaporust soon.
The plate that's now on my SUV is the pre reflective paint three number, three letter combo. Early 90s, the stack of stickers on it is 1/4" thick. the blue on the numbers is just starting to fade. A good number of the newer plates are unreadable. My neighbour's front truck plate is bare metal. The paint peeled off it in one piece.

Didn't they? I recall something about 80k. Last time liberals changed the plate it was north of 200k iirc.
I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it came to light that the 407 Consortium lobbied (read: coerced) the government for the plate change to try and recoup their losses from their cameras not being able to read all the current plates that are peeled/faded. We're losing money. Change the plates or we go to court to get a ruling to raise the rates (more than we had already planned on, anyway).
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Don't care. BUT ... These plates being completely flat ... may make "tampering" easier.
This was one of my thoughts as well. Anyone with access to a printer that can print on vinyl could probably make some virtually identical knockoffs in no time flat, since these plates are, uh, no more raised letter issues that made counterfeiting significantly more complicated.

A duplicate plate that actually matches the MTO description of the vehicle it's legitimately registered to could potentially go years without being caught.

Better yet, duplicate someones plate and hey, free unlimited 407 for a month or three, and some other poor sap foots the bill.


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I was wondering what the hell a car had last week....looked almost fake and I did a double take. Thought they were some special designation (govt or whatnot).
meh....we’ll get used to them soon enough.


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They look cheap . I would hate to put that on my high end car .

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