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  • Yes, yes. Please pass along my salutations to Mike as well. He's hilarious as always! I can't believe you were gonna make him ride there lol
    First of all, I was laughing my head off there at the start. New truck, and you're already destroying it. All in the name of riding :p.
    Secondly, You got some serious old school house pumping. Sounds like it's from my old Housemix CD.... Acutally... IT IS!!! LOL!
    Finally, I was expecting to see some riding bud. Gonna have to go find part 2 now :p
    I'm still kicking. New job now in sauga. I got myself a blackberry, so i'll PM you my pin.

    And very grateful the weather has improved for this weekend! have you gone back to the ganny?
    Hay there. So i log as Meekrob. How does the mani control work? Is there a good FAQ i could read? How to add maps to the server and such?

    Damn site dont know if you got my message but im picking the bike up friday.Can you get the guys together for a weekend ride?
    Hey BJ
    Found a deal I could'nt refuse,Ill be riding a KTM XC-W next week .Guess I should'nt have ordered all those new parts for my hybrid this week lol.
    In the pissing rain? 100 for a day sounds a little steep. what's the liability?
    I was actually looking in to that just the other day. As soon as I got the $$$
    happy 4/20 to you my fine friend, enjoy your day. If you get the munchies, try Subway Italian BMT, toasted.
    Thanks for the add. Your husky is a beauty by the way. If I get into the onroad/offroad scene I'll definitely be scoping out that lineup.
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