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    TV shows currently watching

    The humour is a little more subtle. Tench is hilarious! Can't wait for the next season.
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    2018/2019 Raptors/NBA Thread

    Big Spain!! He said he would only stay if Kawhi stayed..... Hmmmm.....
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    2018/2019 Raptors/NBA Thread

    Simply amazing.
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    2018/2019 Raptors/NBA Thread!
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    Any car guys hiding in here? Movie trailer

    James May did a good story about this on an episode of Grand Tour.
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    2018/2019 Raptors/NBA Thread

    Ooff.. Winnable game that slipped through the cracks. Bench needs to show up otherwise this is gonna be over quickly.
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    2018/2019 Raptors/NBA Thread

    Can't win if only 1 or 2 guys plays. Kawhi sits for 2 mins and 76ers go on an 8-0 run. Momentum shifts are very prevalent in basketball, and doesn't look good when you can't trust others on your team for even 2 mins of rest. Lowry, Green, Gasol need to show up. It's been the Siakim and Kawhi...
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    2019 Ontario GTA Photo Tag

    Always like to see some of the cool tags people find.
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    Ontario dealership rescinds sale $ offer after salesman says other dealer complained

    Who hasn't compared prices between dealers? This just seems silly on their part. Lost a sale, but worse, bad press.
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    Texting and Walking - the next thing to get fined?

    I know this is New Jersey, but it isn't too far out of the wheelhouse to happen here in the big smoke. TL;DR - $50 fines for people that text and walk across roadways. This...
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    Ontario plans to trial universal basic income

    Haven't seen this posted yet. "Ontario has announced it could soon be sending a monthly cheque to its residents as it plans to launch an experiment testing the basic income concept."
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    2005 Black R1 2005 Yamaha R1 23k kms, black raven, good condition, final price drop before it goes into storage. Willing to trade for a streetfighter. Bike is...
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    2005 Yamaha R1 for sale - Black

    posting for a friend who's moving and doesn't have space for the bike Selling my 2005 Yamaha YZF R1 Raven Black Edition *rare.. Low 22xxx kms Dual HIDS Red shorty foldable levers Power commander with dyno Loud exhaust, still have the original Smoked Integrated taillights and signals...
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    Supreme Court overturns ban on physician-assisted suicide

    OTTAWA -- The Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously struck down the ban on providing a doctor-assisted death to mentally competent but suffering and "irremediable" patients. The historic, groundbreaking decision from the country's top court sweeps away the existing law and gives Parliament a...

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