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Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2020 Edition)


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:ROFLMAO: ya that was a pretty bad sound track

Looks heavy for a small bike with tiny wheels, I can see why you might not want to stud it up.


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Up to 9 already and not as windy as forecast. Forks for me. Get out of the damn house.


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Well today certainly looks good, definitely going for a ride today! My winterization is basically put Stabil in the tank and plug in the battery tender, so any time the roads are clear and the temps are near 10C, I can pull off the cover and go for a ride.
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Tempting but there is a lot of salt and dirt on the roads around here. And for that I'm done for the season. was a short one for me but I'd rather not tempt fate, one unintended dismount is enough for one season lol. I'm just happy I was able to get a few rides in before it ended, and I'm looking forward to next year

For those riding today be safe and watch for nasty road conditions.


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What a glorious day.

Made it out at about 1:30. Did about 150 kms. Up to the badlands at old base line and Mississauga rd and the some messing around there.

I was making sure all my guys were up to speed before I left the shop and my shipper said... "Wow, I've never seen you leave early"

Nice days are hard to come by right now......


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It was a very pleasant ride in the afternoon today. The weather was just right - not too cold, not too hot, not too windy. Did a small loop along the lakeshore from Oakville to Hamilton and back to Burlington via the backroads. There were a LOT of riders out today.

Even though my ride was short, I was smiling on my way back! :)


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I was out for an hour today. I went from Orangeville down hwy 10 and north through the Forks of the Credit. Lots of bikes in Belfountain.
It may have been the last (enjoyable) ride of the year.


I got out later than intended and basically missed all the nice weather. Took Kingston Rd from Ajax, all the way to Lakeshore and then eventually up to the Junction. Was a bit chilly. Have to do the same ride tomorrow but in reverse... Expecting it to be a lot chilly.


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Yesterday was a beautiful day for a ride. Put on about 180km on my usual zig-zag route up through Mansfield, Horning's Mills, Glen Huron and Creemore. Saw about 15 bikes along the way. Weather is looking to take a turn tomorrow with snow in the forecast.


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Left early for work last night and wandered the back roads. Had a bit of snow on the way home this morning. I'll probably have to drive the cage for the next couple of nights.
Loving the full fairing. Not even sorry that I haven't gotten around to doing heated grips yet

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Brian P

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I just got in from a quick coffee run on the bike. Today's temperature is my operational minimum, although I can see heated gloves or handgrips extending it a little bit lower. Saw a couple other bikes, too.

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