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I'm more of a TV junkie when the winter comes..... movies in the summer, tv in the winter.

I recently got hooked on AMC's Hell on Wheels, the second season just finished in October, but what an awesome TV show. So far my second favourite after Breaking Bad.

But, in order of preference, here's what I've been watching:

Breaking Bad
Hell on Wheels
Sons of Anarchy
The Walking Dead

I started the new season of American Horror Story, but it lost me after it took it's sexual perversion a little too far "here's a boy that looks like feminine, now touch him and touch yourself while you do it... please stop throwing up, the male body isn't that gross". And the random cutting people's legs off and 'zombies' was just..... weird. The possession part of it is the best, but the smallest side-story this season.


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LOL, Hell on Wheels is on my list to watch.

Breaking Bad - in the middle of 1st season
The Walking Dead - in the middle of third season
Mad Men - in the middle of fifth season
Game of Thrones - finished 1st season
Pan Am - gave up after a few episodes

Couldn't get into Revolution either...


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My wife and I just sit there and pick away at all the mistakes. We hate it, but want to see what's going to happen. I said to last show,"I really hope it doesn't get picked up for a second season."


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This is stupid but "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives". There have been a couple joints that look really interesting (read good food).

I'm thinking road trip.

Of course I might just be hungry.


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don't watch tv :dontknow:


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I want to get into Mad Men after my current shows end lol.... way too much going on. I have so little hard drive space :(

Revolution was garbage..... I tried Falling Skies... it's O-K, gets a little cheasy sometimes and the acting is horrid, but the story/side stories are getting a little more interesting.


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Too many shows out there people keep telling me to watch. Currently...

Walking Dead
And just finished watching the first two episodes of Louis

Waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones and Spartacus to start.

I can't really commit to more than a few shows at a time.


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Breaking Bad can't come back soon enough. Hate this mid-year hiatus stuff.

Walking Dead - This show made me look at the Graphic Comics. THAT alone was worth watching it.
Sons of Anarchy - Good, mindless entertainment. Some good characters and some really out there scenarios.
Dexter - just wanna finish out this season, I figure I've watched from the beginning may as well finish it, but it's lost it's charm.


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NCIS : Los angles
Hawaii five O
Walkind dead
Breaking bad
Sons of anerchy
a few more but those are old shows :p


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I dont see the hype about breaking bad. I'm watching 4th season & the story is getting drawn on

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SunnY S

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Lang and Oleary Exchange
Sharks Tank
Dragons Den

Everything else is just a big heaping pileof time wasted refuse.


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Breaking Bad - Should have ended at season 4. Just pissing me off now.
The Wire - I was late to the party. Great show.
Boardwalk Empire - Havent watched season 2 yet. Solid show.
Walking Dead - Half a season back but I read the comic so I know whats going to happen anyway.
Life - Another ended show. Great show though. Ending was abrupt due to no new seasons.
Game of Thrones - Waiting for season 3.

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