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June heading west 3 weeks +


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Take her with you ...BC is gorgeous - June has 18 hours of daylight ...


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Oh she’d go. Not on two wheels though.

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We've done this before in 2015. My son and I with Air Canada to Vancouver and aside from some Dangerous Goods hiccups due to illness of the agent all was smooth. Got the bikes to Pearson Air Canada Air Freight with luggage and contents attached the day before the peronal flight- same as this time - taxiied home.
Last time mine was over the agreed weight but I just ended pulling the top case off and checking it as luggage on our personal flight the next morning and all was well. At the time it was $850 for each bike plus $100 for dangerous goods plus personal flight.
Air Canada cost this year is $1000 for the freight plus then personal flight cost. Not sure if that includes Dangerous Goods fee.

The WestJet cost this year is just a hair under $1000 ($695 US all in including Dangerous Goods ) for the bike plus my ticket on AC which was $307 all in.
My personal flight gets paid entirely on credit card travel points so no out of pocket cost to me.

The nice thing I like, is you arrive out west rested and are on the bike and touring by noon in the mountains.
It's a shorter flight to Calgary this time.
Then come back home with the wind - no small comfort advantage on the prairies at 130-150 kph.
Weather systems move west to east, you have long daylight hours so makes it very easy to stay dry.
Riding the bike west, you punch through systems and into the wind all the way.

The only difference so far is the need for the battery terminal to be disconnected and taped. No biggie on the easily accessed CB500x.
You are allowed one gallon of fuel.

Pick up in Calgary as it was in Vancouver is at the freight area of the airport - a short taxi ride and the bikes were immediately ready to roll ...as mine will be this time. In Calgary, it's Menzies Aviation where the bike is picked up.

I suspect overseas is more complex ...ask Lightcycle for that.
You can save "some" money shipping by truck but there are downsides to that as well. I have friends that have done that.....one headache is that the bikes end up no where near the Airport.

In Canada, your motorcycle comprehensive insurance covers the transport.
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Posted this in the wrong spot

Just debating helmet/carry on that now. I can get my camera and computer gear in my pillion bag as carry on no problem. I'm wondering if I can get my knee armor and helmet into a light cloth bag as the other one. Knee armor is bulky
So I have 27 tank bag and two 23 litre top load cases will stay on the bike - that's lots for clothes etc.
I'll wear the bulky Scott jacket then put it in the overhead.
Knee armor fits nicely in one of side cases so that will work for getting there. Just stuff more clothes in the tank bag and and use the pillion bag for the electronics to carry on plus helmet...that'll fly

Just discovered my pillion bag expands like crazy giving me near 30 liters not 20 and has backpack straps - problem solved. That and my helmet for carry on. Tank bag and side cases stay on the bike 💫

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