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COVID-19 potential restrictions on riding?


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We drove 2,000 km down the coast of Chile and the only interactions were tolls and fuel.

We just had disinfectant in the car we used for CC and for cash money ( tolls ). Car is pretty secure if you keep on the disinfect before you touch your face. There are

The SafeSpace® Automotive Disinfectant & Deodorizing Mist generates an ultra-fine, contact disinfectant mist that leaves no spots, stains or residue. A 3-5 second release of the disinfectant mist into the average car interior kills germs and deodorizes the car, leaving the interior smelling fresh and clean.


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I’m restricted by bald tires.
In the fall I was plagued with vehicle repairs. so the bike had to wait.
In the winter work was slow and more vehicle repairs.
Spring hits and Im hesitant to spend any money on non essential items because of Covid19.
Not sure my bike will even make it out in 2020

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Just got back from a therapy nite ride, took the 45 year old Honda for her first run of the year (she cranked over slowly but fired after a 5 month hibernation -- I don't winterize). Not far, 100km up Lakeridge, over to Musslemens Lake and back. Zero cars on the road stores dark - kinda eerie.

But I feel much better.

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