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2020 Day Trips!


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I believe most of us are riding now time to get 2020 rolling. ;)

Anyhow those of us who are, please post your day trips, interesting places etc here. Hopefully we can share experiences.

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day, I had to make the ride up to Haliburton to see the Street car in the forest (on Kennaway rd), some of you have been there and the past couple of years I haven't been able to get there.

The route with some wandering.
route may 22.jpg

Details if you are into that thing.
route details may 22.jpg

The street car!!
TTC Forest.jpg

As close as I could get to the scout reserve. Use to go there when I was a kid it would have been cool to just see the lake, but nadda.


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I'm seeing lots of gravel travel from you, Mr. Burns. Is there an ADV bike in your future, perhaps?
didn't he already post that he's upgrading to R1? :devilish:


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Ive done this route 3 times this year taking different groups.
In the past we did the Niagara Pky by starting in Fort Erie then heading up to Niagara On The Lake.
This year I have done it in the opposite direction and like it even better.

Also here's a little thing I put together for those looking for a snack or a place to take a piss.

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