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    Justin Time

    Frightened lefty loons gotta dig deep into americana to incriminate canadian firearms owners.
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    Justin Time

    Fear monger much? All motorcyclists become Hells Angels? You are Entertaining !
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    Justin Time

    Not my place, the great turd groper II , the Tam of WHO health, and billie kettle of justice will guide you.
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    Justin Time

    The ban is misrepresented and based on lies. Guns not useful for hunting, and natives can keep them for hunting. Noone in canada has legally used an ar15 to hunt deer for decades yet fools listen to the turd proclaiming that. My lawfully acquired property stays where it is. Change is a comin.
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    Justin Time

    My guns are going nowhere. Non event and the turd and Billie kettle have motivated thousands.
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    Do you fit the stereotype for your bike?

    Depends on the viewer. posers gonna pose.
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    Regularly starting your bike in winter is bad

    I keep the silver bullet in the heated bat cave and start her up every couple weeks and let her get to operating temps, and ride when conditions allow. Burned about 15L gas over the winter.
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    First Ride - 2020

    Did a hundred clicks, but a lot of it city. Haven't ridden since dec 4, felt so good ! Gotta watch all the sand out there. Changed a bunch of plans and riding a LOT tomorrow.
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    OMG... RIP Kobe

    CFIT in a helo, always puzzled me ! Hover and ask for directions !
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    Anybody tired of the Teacher's Strikes?

    Then they will risk losing their jobs to resolve it. I'd like to see that test applied.
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    Anybody tired of the Teacher's Strikes?

    Well he certainly doesn't have a public that would back drastic action, or a trustworthy media to report the facts.
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    Anybody tired of the Teacher's Strikes?

    Too bad Duggie couldn't give em the Ronnie Reagan ATC option ! ✈ Overpaid leftist social engineers.
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    We had the talk.......

    A partner forcing another to feel selfish and guilty is a good way to deteriorate a relationship. And having this crap is in your head while riding is not conducive to being a safe confident rider. Someone obviously ignorant of the riding environment should not be setting your boundries. A well...
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    How do you deal with stupid drivers?

    Vigilantes don't need to ask for rights, they have been betrayed to the point of taking the law into their own hands. So many afraid to ride on the roads because law of the land has failed. Insurance companies thrive. Sad state
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    Murphy's Motorcycle Laws

    #2 but for me it is my ear plugs. Gloves have to come off to get the helmet off to get the.....:LOL:

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