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  • Hey Goldie, I was told about your group and was wondering if i could join it? It'd be nice to ride with more girls. Thanks!
    Hey there, I just signed up today, wondering how I can become a member of this group? Thanks a bunch! Dodeslover
    Hi Goldie Tiger:

    I'm a lady newbie on the road. Appreciate you have a group just for all the Lady riders out there.
    I'm just wondering if I may join the group as well. :razz:

    Pinkhoshi (Mandy)
    I met you at the WROAR fundraiser, plus random spottings at L/L =D Btw, saw the news report on your accident! You're a trooper! Hope the rest of the surgeries come out flawless!


    John (Dayao12)
    lol I didn't even realize we weren't friends on here. I'll have more time off this week to come out and play:)
    thanks for everything this weekend goldie! u guys were a fun bunch! see u around kc or lakeshore once i hand in my m2! and maybe track near end of this season or early next one =p
    Ppl don't bother msg me! Inbox is usually full! LoL!
    Email me if you must! Look under my contact info for email link!
    ; )
    omg, i couldn't find the post for the Sushi .. i need a training on this site. lol ...
    see you tomorrow, hopefully it will be dry so i can ride there, otherwise i am driving :)
    hi goldie...came across this and was wondering how i can join...i'm female, 42, live in milton, and just got my m1 and a cbr125...
    Hey Goldie, I hope your having a great holiday season, and that your getting your health back to normal. It was really great to see you out late in the season this year, and hope that we get to see each other allot sooner this upcomming season!
    I didn't forget...I seen you were on line so i thought i would take a chance sending ya a message......
    looks like it worked !:p
    I'll send ya an email to bother ya more !
    Hey Goldie! So I went on my girlfriends profile and it said that someone needs to vouch for her in order to join the group, so here I am vouching for 'scarlet' for her to join ladies of GTAM :)
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