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  • hey girl how are you? been riding much? i am selling my bike need the money :( but i already know what im getting in a few yrs
    Thanks, just in time for the hot weather :p Will have to catch up with you later, currently, a bit busy with house work/repair and also planning a trip to Deals Gap at end of June.
    Hey Shushee, it was awesome meeting you this weekend. Looking foward to riding with you!!! Looking good in that suit by Velocity:)
    Guy that you guys were waiting for =P I was the one with the white icon jacket with the silver 600RR bike ^_^
    - James
    I still ride the CBR250RR. I love it! Its become a bit of a garage queen, with me riding my F4i and ZX-6R more often.. but I get a huge grin from riding the snot out of that little babyblade!

    Take it easy.
    Hey, Im in North York Aswell, But Will Be Moving The End Of This Month. Hope To Catch You Around NExt Season. Also Check out The Toronto Motorcycle Show Coming This Dec.
    Welcome and the best time to buy a bike is in the winter everyone drops thier prices and insurence with jevco for first time riders is cheapest and ninjas are good on insurance good luck
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