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  • I saw Rob and Brian last night and they both say "hi". Rob is working in Brampton this weekend as well.
    We had a great time too. I will see Rob tonight and will say "hi" for you. He will be working the weekend of Oct 11, you should drop in and visit.
    Hey Goldie! I got your facebook message I would love to join you guys on that ride but I am working until 6am saturday and then back to work saturday night :(
    Have fun! be safe!
    Hope your riding today Tiger. I'm heading up to Brantford for 10:00 pm See a buddy play in a band, Tribute to AC/DC @ the Liquide Loungehave you been out.
    Ive just back from up north finished the cottage reno. Now ready to ride lol
    hey Goldie Tiger its the dragon, lol just kidding i remembered your handle, It was good meeting you at Tims. hope you had a good night as well and safe ride home, see you on the road one day, Andreas / hammer100cid
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