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  • Goldie!
    Your inbox is full. I tried to send you my email, but had no success:confused5:
    hello again...long time no message...hope you've been able to get out and about this past week with the glorious weather we've been having...there's a lady in burlington, her name is lorna and this is the start of her second season riding...she'd like to be a part of this group and asked me to vouch for i haven't met her formally yet but only through email...i do plan on catching up with her soon so if you want to wait until then to touch base with me or allow her into the group now, let me riding...ivana

    p.s...her id is lorgayle ...ciao!
    Hi, I just found out about the "Ladies of GTAM". Any chance I could get an invite to join? I live in Burlington and ride a 2004 Honda VLX 600. Thanks :)
    Hey there, I am new to this site and I would like to get to meet some lady riders and I would like to know how I can join your group. I ride a CBR600f4i and I live in the Alliston area but have no problem riding a bit to meet up. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Really nice to finally meet. My brain got bigger from all you know how :}
    Thanx for adding me to the ladies group.
    Going to be a great '12 riding season.
    Hey Hey, It was nice meeting you to! Hope you enjoyed the weekend! And hope to see ya around! Will keep in touch, ciao for now.
    Hi GoldieTiger!

    Is the group for the ladies still up and running?

    If you have room for one more, I would like to hang with the girls too :)!

    Hi GoldieTiger!
    Just wondering how i would become a part of this group, i'm new to the site.....not new to riding... :)
    Hi GoldieTiger.

    I'm new to this site and to riding and would like to be a part of this group. How can I become a member?

    Hi GoldieTiger,

    I'm a noob this year and would love to be part of the group. I hope I can find someone to vouch for me so I can get a chance to chat and ride with other ladies when my husband is traveling (which is most of the time!!).


    Mitsy (aka Michelle)
    Hey Goldie! Nice meeting you last night - did Mo send you the picture of the "motor-bike"? lol
    thanks for the add GoldieTiger :) i'm sure we'll meet at an event someday
    Added more members to The Ladies of GTAM Group!
    Welcome all!
    Remember I need someone to vouch for you that I know!
    Ppl don't bother msg me! Inbox is usually full! LoL!
    Email me if you must! Look under my contact info for email link!
    ; )
    hi goldietiger!
    i just recently moved from BC to TO and it would be cool to meet some ppl to ride with. could i join your ladies of GTAM group? thanks!
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