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  • heyy broo, organize a ride this weekend? Maybe Saterday around 6 ish???
    I noticed there are many Mississauga riders on this forum that aren't in the group. Let's solicit more members! :D
    thanks for the approval to MR group... set up a sauga group ride sometimes!!! btw nice bike
    Hi UltrA

    It's nice ride, we rode 5 hrs, Campbellvile/Guelph line/ Apply line/ few side road. Good to see on the road, Will see you @ MR ride on the 16th. Ride safe

    heyy, sup bro. Noticed you got a ninja 250 as well.

    I bought mine last year its a 2009 Ninja Special Edition 250R. I was a complete idiot and did not store it properly so I had trouble starting it a week ago. Anyhow it starts up great after I left it in the sun for about 30 min. But my question is, do you drive with the choke on or off?

    I left my bike in N for about 5 min or so, for it to warm up and then took it on a gentle ride in a residential area. But what I noticed, if I turn the choke off and lets say i come to a stop sign and make a full stop...the bike either dies on me or after giving it a rev to move again it moves about 1 meter then it slows down and dies on me regardless of how much throttle i give it...Any tips? I live around Winston Churchill/Dundas area btw
    hey, thanks man i like them too. the mirrors work great, theyre very bright. i got them from a friend of mine but noticed another buddy had bought the same ones off ebay, thats your best bet, should be 30 - 40 bucks or so, thats what his were. hope that helps
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