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Where to practice wheelies?


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No you don't, I used to have a lemur. Very intelligent and social animals.
Let me know if you want to try a trials bike some time, I can probably hook you up.
very cool offer
Ive been impressed with trials ever since he posted a pic of jordan szoke out riding with him. for real.


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Grom is the best investment. Plenty of aftermarket stunt mods, cheap as hell to insure if you need to travel on it. And..Honda, nuff said for upkeep.


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This just popped up on my YouTube feed
I need to ride one some day, wondering what my 6ft2 frame would look like bombing down the road on one.

There seems to be a lot of love for the grom but never hear anything about the z125 pro...apparently it's more comfortable for taller riders.


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why does everyone/you guys call them wheelies now?
they always used to be called cat walks
It's not a cat walk until you wheelie for at least a full city block.

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