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Where to practice wheelies?


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Get yourself a little 50cc dirt bike to learn on and you'll be holding balance point in just a few sessions. It's all about getting comfortable with feathering your rear brake and being smooth with your throttle hand. I have a chinese crf50 clone that I practice on constantly, I can hold a wheelie in second or third gear for a few hundred meters easily. Custom widened/long seat, custom handbrake, oversize sprocket, welded rear pegs, repacked muffler, street tires, heavy duty shock, and a few other goodies. Just the basics really. Oil change every 4 hours, there's gotta be 50+ hours on it and still runs great. No clue how old it is but I paid $50 and it came with a 4-speed and a front disc conversion
Where can I get one of these?


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No you don't, I used to have a lemur. Very intelligent and social animals.
Let me know if you want to try a trials bike some time, I can probably hook you up.
It's a King Julian reference, sarcasm. I'm sure they are, never seen one in Canada though.
Don't mind trying a Trials one day, and may take that offer up someday, Thanks! It's just a tad unnecessary to bring them up in every thread. They may be great for you, just like Goldwings are to some, bobber's and Vespa's to others, not everyone wants one or sees the appeal, nor do they cover every spectrum of motorcycling many love.


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Off topic, this Trials guy is always bringing Trials bikes into every post. Insurance problem, get a Trials. Wheelie, Get a Trials. Had an accident, Get a Trials, getting old, Get a Trials, Keep burning your toast, get a Trials. Not everyone wants, is interested in, or likes Trials bikes. Might as well tell the OP to use a bicycle to learn how to keep a wheelie on. I Like a lot of your advise and thoughts, thought it starts to feel like a YouTube video where at the end there's a sponsor shout out, just instead with a Trials bike mention.
Ouch. You seem to be very stressed about this. Have you considered getting a Trials bike to help you manage your frustration about this......... :)


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To begin with, Lemur society is matriarch based, they wouldn't have a King they would have a Queen and the female would kick the males ass if he got out of line.

We can go riding as soon as this rain stops and dries up just a little,
otherwise you probably wouldn't make the first few hundred feet without crashing numerous times.


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saw a female rider in black on a R6 "?" doing wheelies on the 401 on ramp/ collector in the Ajax area this summer.
but it's not an ideal spot


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Where can I get one of these?
I got mine from a friend who was moving and couldn't take it at the time. But they can be bought from those chinese ripoff scooter/atv/pocketbike places you see in the city for a few hundred bucks brand new.


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The EV's are cool but still not ready.Fun to play with in the yard,but won't make it thru a trial.A spare battery is ridonculously priced and it's stupid to carry a gas powered charger with you to top it up.Needs another decade of technology.
The torque is really cool tho!

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