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So, What Do We Think of Cybertruck?


gringo diablo
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an electric pickup with good range and performance should sell really well
Tesla has made some great looking cars
but I'm not sure about this truck

range, HP, acceleration, towing capacity and size all seem good
the styling is not appealing to me
body looks like a tinsmith made it at home
the interior?
is that a counter-top with an ipad stuck to it?
the comfort of the interior is one of the selling points with crew cab trucks
can't see myself being very comfortable in that space

wonder how close the finished product will be to this?
Tesla is taking orders, so I imagine this demo is fairly close to final design



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What makes it a truck?

Mad Mike

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$40K US will put an uglyduck etruck in my driveway. I'll bet that price is like the $35K T3 -- marketing poof dust.

Joe Bass

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What makes it a truck?
Tow rating of something close to 20,000 lbs iirc for the top of the line and ground clearance?
Just don't throw a metal sphere at the side window.

Also, $100 USD gets you on the wait list

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At first, I was like "o_O what is that?"... now, I kinda like it.. It's still a prototype as the first buys will receive it only 2021.. I think they will replace the steering wheel and the "counter-top" with something reasonable.

Brian P

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Awful, but I spot a number of non-conformances to motor vehicle safety standards, so there are bound to be some changes. How much that changes the design remains to be seen.


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I was waiting for a brodozer p-chop.

SunnY S

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I still don't get America's fascination with pick ups as daily drivers, (apart, of course, from those people who use them for their intended use.)

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