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Prince Harry moves to Canada to become Financially Independent...


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rednecks with crowns. Hopefully once old Liz II dies we come to our senses and get rid of the Canadian ties to the Monarchy. Always found it odd that this is a country of equality yet we are technically led by a family who believes in bloodlines and birthrights.

No problem with Mr. independent coming to live here. But pay your own bills or send grandma the invoice.


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I have a hunch he might qualify for entry in the Royal Canadian Airforce or the Royal Canadian Navy ;)


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Is he the head of one chunk of the Canuck military...or is that his cousin?
meh...we part of the Commonwealth, he doesn't need to become a citizen...


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yeah that's a lot of money
but still a bargain
considering we don't have to pay for a Head of State

poor Yanks are getting stuck with a huge bill for all the golf trips


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I have no problem with them coming here. They can have two (2) Mounties for security. That's it. I'm also not interested in seeing everything they do splashed all over the pages of our newspapers, because I don't care what shampoo they use, socks they wear, or where they go for dinner. This is Canada. We don't like to make a big deal out of everything.

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