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  • Heyy bro, thanks a lot for the tip :p

    Yehh lol its my first bike and Im not looking to add anything to it...interesting I didnt know about the idle speed :\ ill check it out tomorrow, ill give you a shout if i get stuck ahah :p

    btw do you live in sauga too? Im near Winston Churchill/Dundas area
    I don't know about you, but I'm not made of sugar therefore I don't melt in the rain. Don't be such a baby!
    If you can't afford the $100 no worries, but that's NOT steep... this is my friends own personal bike he's willing to loan out. If you try to rent anywhere in the city, you'll be paying $200 after taxes and insurance, and that will be for a wimpy xr200 or something similar.
    My buddy will rent you his DR350 dirtbike for the day for $100 - join us for this Saturday's ride!!!
    I work for astral television in master control and operations and yes i always leave at 7:30pm because thats when the next crew is in.
    Hey i've seen your bike out on front street a few times on my way home. If your ever leave work around 7:30pm i say we go for a ride/back to mississauga one day. I sucks getting stuck in rush hour traffic alone.
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