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  • I am a new rider & just got my first bike, 2003 Kawasaki ZR 7S. I am noticing when changing gears there is a clunking sound when I change gears, is this a mecanical issue or rider error on shifting gears. Any input would be great. Thanks
    Any one do their M1 written test at the Drive Test in Oshawa, I am planning to go this afternoon & I want to know if it's going to be busy. Thanks.
    Any one recently been to the Drive Test location in Oshawa, I need to take my M1 written test & the Brampton location is crazy busy, I can't wait all day. Thanks.
    hahahah, thanks for the 4/20 greeting my friend - you have a great one as well! I will definitely visit subway when I get the munchies ;)
    I went to the brampton location, for my M1 test, that place was so busy. Any one know of a location that won't keep me hostage for the entire day. Thanks.
    I am a new rider & bike options are endless, I like sport cruise. I feel intimated by size, is that a common misconception. I am looking at a Suzuki M50 Boulevard (800cc) any input would be great.
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