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    Soggy Boot cancelled

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but what ever happend to "Ken Hooverman's plan" as described above? I haven't been able to find any updates about it, and am curious to see if it's still something being considered or if it was eventually shut down.
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    Marmora mine to Bancroft

    I think their original objective was to *try* to connect Ontario via a single trail system (just like OFSC) but so far they haven't been able to come close to what the OFSC has accomplished.
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    Scooter rental in the GTA

    Anyone happen to have an update to this thread? I know a gentleman who is now in the same boat; his M2 is expiring and his current scooter is need of major repair. He doesn't feel comfortable on a normal bike and would love to rent a scooter for the weekend. Any tips let me know, thanks!
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    Loading ramps

    If you can't find anything you can borrow mine which are designed for my diamondback truck bed cover - a little hard to use as a "normal" truck bed ramp, but they will work. As long as I get them back by mid-next week you can borrow them, I'm near Yorkdale Mall. Here's what they look like...
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    As an aside - one of my bikes came from factory with no signal lights (2007 husqvarna te450), and for the first few years I rode around Toronto using hand signals only (since that was perfectly legal). The WORST was when you come to a 4 way stop, and want to turn left. You signal, but...
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    More pixels required for sure - but I'm still pretty sure that was an outstretched arm... I think the reason he's so slow to actually move into that lane, is because it seems the act of signaling makes him waiver to the right towards the center of his current lane... he puts his hand back...
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    At least he signaled... you can see him drop his arm just as the cager pulls out to pass.
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    Craft Beer: What are you drinking now??

    Holy crapoly, Bellwoods "Fizzy Blaster" sure is tart!! FIZZY BLASTER BARREL AGED DOUBLE SOUR ALE w/APRICOT, PLUM & VANILLA In the dead of an extraordinarily ominous winter last year, a vision came to us out of the darkness -- a pure beacon of light, in beer form. An effervescent...
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    Camping on flood plain/public land?

    Some of the best "vehicle" Crown Land Camping I've done (ie sites you can ride to or even drive to with a normal car) are in Temagami. Take a ride down Red Squirrel Rd sometime and your jaw will drop at all the lake-side FREE crown land camping sites to be had.
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    Anyone into gardening here?

    This spring's growing weather hasn't been quite as good as last year's, but as usual Crop King's "White Widow" strain is my strongest performer - CK white widow and sour jack seeds (2 of each) planted April 27th, sprouted a week later. One of my SJ sprouts was a runt so I killed it off and...
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    Anyone into gardening here?

    I agree, but I live right in the city and I've found growing outdoors (in years past thanks to a medicinal license) still works fine even with the massive amount of light pollution we have. You can easily get a pound of bud growing outside from a single plant right in the city!
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Near Bancroft last weekend... Someone confused an ATV trail for a road, and then thought an ATV bridge could support their car :/
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    Anyone ride the Ontario Highlands?

    No bugs in "Highlands East" yet thankfully (just West of Bancroft), but judging by these posts I expect them to arrive by this weekend! :(
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    An impact wrench or if you have an air hammer, one of these: Thexton THE482 Fastener Removal Tool, Tool Sets - Amazon Canada I find that you have more control over the air hammer removal tool than an impact wrench...
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    Stupid benz driver

    "Stupid benz driver"? Do you get a kick out of making right-hand turners wait for no reason?

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