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    TD Rate Hike..... 60%!

    Same experience here... although they _do_ decrease it a little when I play the same game I play with Rogers (call up, threaten to switch to Bell (or State Farm in this case) unless they do something about it. In fact, I _just_ went through this game earlier this week, and the TD Meloche Mollex...
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    Dakar fatality - Paulo Goncalves

    Holy crap... such sad news.
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    suggestions for a small blue plate dual sport

    As silly as your example sounds, I'm sure no one's going around busting people peeing into their empty soda bottles then immediately dumping overboard - the law is to prevent RV owners etc from dumping their 200L "pee tanks" into lakes!
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    Related story in the news just today: "Woman shocked to find new children's clothes cut up in garbage outside Dufferin Mall" -Kid's clothing retailer Carter’s says clothes were disposed of for 'safety reasons'
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    Insuring Multiple Motorcycles

    As I said, make sure yours does if you go this route (assuming you lose coverage on bikes you are "toggling" insurance for). If you're fine losing all coverage on the bike you're not riding then it's no concern.
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    Insuring Multiple Motorcycles

    Good point - I also have multiple bikes under one policy, and when I added the '82 CT 110 to the policy it only increased by like $150/yr. I don't have collision on it though, so keep that in mind.
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    New computer first world problems

    the wraith prism LED cpu cooler that comes with the ryzen's sure are purrrrrdy... I get mesmerized starting at those funky colours!!!
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    Insuring Multiple Motorcycles

    I think this is the post the OP was originally referring to: Not sure if you can swap liability only as you suggested... maybe Mad Mike can comment?
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    Insuring Multiple Motorcycles

    If you go this route make sure your property insurance covers theft/fire on the bike(s) that you currently aren't insuring through your auto.
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    Please wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    egads! Did you have one too many eggnog in ya??? Oh wait, it was in the morning - too many Irish coffees???
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    Need a snowblower....recommendations?

    I assume you mean for use on your driveway in the city? Not sure to be honest, mine's plated and insured but that's because I use it for other things as well. If I was only using it for my driveway I might not bother personally, but then again plates are a one time cost of like $30 for life...
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    Need a snowblower....recommendations?

    Can't go wrong with older Hondas, that's for sure. I also really like the Suzuki King Quad 300 (or Quadrunner 250's) which is what I have in the city. Since they are older models you can find one for around $1500-$2000 and they have COMPLETE locking diffs front and rear (manual lever, not...
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    Need a snowblower....recommendations?

    That's exactly why they filmed the blank pass - no way that thing can push show. I keep a small 300cc 4x4 ATV in the city for plowing my driveway and sidewalk and even it struggles for traction with much more than a foot.
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    Pls locate the high hill in Ganaraska!

    i've labelled that one "sand hill" on the map I posted above.
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    Pls locate the high hill in Ganaraska!

    Using this map as reference, you are probably referring to either "lookout", "sand", or "thorpe & neils" hills... Ganny - Google My Maps (use satellite view for better idea of location)

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