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  • Hey VifferFun, do you receive email? your PM box seems to be full and I have a private issue in need of your opinion. Thanks, Jonathan
    Hey, I know for young sportbike riders State Farm is the only reliable option. I recently heard about Willis Canada also offering motorcycle insurance. Being the insurance I was wondering what you knew about the subject.
    I read your posts on kilometer limitations and have a question. The only place that I seem to be able to get collision/comprehensive insurance on my "vintage" 1976 CB750F is Dalton Timmis. However, they are limiting me to 2000km/year. Can they void my coverage if I exceed this limit? (even slightly)
    David Tasi

    My info:
    47 years old
    Full M for 7 years
    Insured with Jevco last three years
    Viffer just wanted to let you know my statefarm insurance increased in January as i was paying $124 it then went to $143 on renewal switch it to rbc payment went to $248 as i have a policy on my car which will end in october.I used that info you sent out yesterday,spoke with td meloche policy is now $75.00.I would like to say had you not post that info i would be paying out monies that could be used otherwise.thank you very much.
    haha sure?

    too bad for most of the gtammers i live in london lol and don't go to the meets on my lil weebr.
    nice to meet you viff.. you seem like a cool guy/gal
    lol... viffer... It wasn't anything personal or serious, as noted at the bottom of my comment I was "just joking"... yes, I'm well aware of how premiums are determined (had a good friend who was an actuary, we spent many hours discussing the exciting world of analytical predictions, establishing possibility, worki... *yawning and falls asleep*)
    wayy too serious viffer... what happened to the "fun"

    edit: just noticed you are also an actuary... nothing i said was an attack or joke about the actuarial professions, just that long conversations about that line of work used to make me very sleepy, because I had very little interest in the field (my friend also liked to talk a lot, usually about his work). No offence intended in anything said above.
    So basically you're responsible for me having to pay such high insurance premiums because I'm young... sleep with one eye open!

    ...just joking
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