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    READ BEFORE POSTING: Which Insurance Company will give me the best rate???

    The charts still show up for me? I'm sure they're still a little useful, but I haven't kept them up-to-date since posting them. I've embedded the files directly in this post in case you're still having problems -- I don't think you can embed photos when I originally posted! :P
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    Approximate Values of 10 Motorcycles in Average Condition and Mileage

    Hi Guys, Would anyone have access to data that could tell me the approximate market values in Ontario for the following 10 bikes? Maybe a bluebook or something of the sort? I need this info for a project I'm working on. 2010 HARLEY DAVIDSON FLHTK ELECTRA GLIDE ULTRA LTD 2010 HARLEY...
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    Rate Changes by Company -- 2013 Q4

    For those keeping up on the news, the Ontario insurance industry is currently required to submit Auto Insurance (not Bike Insurance) filings to the regulator over 2013 and 2014 (in a few different waves). In short, these filings detail the actuarial calculations to arrive at the premium...
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    Young Riders (16-24yo) -- What are you paying for insurance?

    Hey Guys, I'm curious to know what the young riders out there are paying for Motorcycle insurance. Please copy and paste the following into your response. Thanks! OPERATOR: Operator Age: Years Licensed on Motorcycle: Number of Claims in last 6 Years: Number of Convictions in last 3 Years...
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    Average displacement of a Harley Davidson?

    Would anyone happen to know (or have a good guess) at the average displacement of a Harley Davidson on the road? Do they mostly tend to be in the 1200CC+ range? My knowledge of Harleys is very limited :P
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    Ontario Gov't mandates a 15% decrease to *Auto* Insurance Rates

    The Ontario Gov't just announced a mandatory 15% average rate decrease for Ontario Auto insurance. This announcement is likely specific to Auto insurance, but I guess there's a chance it could impact Motorcycle insurance rates as well. The details haven't been provided yet...
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    Jevco/Intact Clients -- What's your before and after premium?

    Hi Everyone, Since Intact bought out Jevco, I'm sure that many Jevco clients have seem some pleasant, unpleasant, and downright nasty rate changes. If you were a Jevco client, could you please post: Operator Age: Years Licensed on Motorcycle: Claims or Convictions? First Three Digits of...
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    Independent Mechanics in Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge?

    Hey! Does anyone know of any honest independent mechanics in the Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge areas? I have a used set of OEM rotors that I would like installed on my 2001 GSX-R1000, and I would likely buy new pads too. Maybe there's a good mechanic that likes to take extra jobs...
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    GSXR1000 -- Rotors and Pads

    Hey Guys, I need to replace the front rotors and pads on my 2001 GSXR1000. My priority is that the rotor be a high quality that will not warp . . . I hate vibrations! I've never had any luck with any aftermarket rotors in the past with my cars, and now always stick with OEM. Should I stick...
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    Comprehensive Technical Data -- Horsepower, Wet Weight, etc.

    Would anyone happen to know if a comprehensive dataset exists that contains comprehensive technical data for most modern (2000+) motorcycles by year, make, and model? Specifically, I'm looking for horsepower and wet weights. Preferably, it would be in a tabular format that could be imported...
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    Ultralight Flying

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone else on the board has their license to fly ultralights (or are in the process of getting one)? I've done four lessons so far, and it's REALLY fun (and quite challenging)! Nothing is more awesome than riding my bike to the airfield and then hopping directly...
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    What happened to my Post Count?

    My post count just dropped from ~7786 down to 1186 . . . did this happen to anyone else? Weird!
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    TD Meloche Monnex -- What is their Multi-Product Discount?

    Has anyone ever quoted with TD / Meloche under both assumptions? - Both your bike and car with TD/Meloche - Only your bike with TD/Meloche If so, do you know what the quoted premium was in both scenarios? I'm curious :)
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    WTB -- Straight Stock Front Rotors for 2001 GSXR1000

    As the title says, I'm looking for a good set of *straight* front rotors (preferably stock/OEM) for a 2001 GSXR1000. Thanks!
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    Great deal on a great Battery Tender at Canadian Tire!

    Canadian Tire has the CTEK Multi-Use 3300 Battery Charger / Maintainer / Tender on sale again at 40% off (reg. $89.99 and now $49.99). This is a really good deal on one of the best battery maintainers available, and perfect timing for those looking for a charger before the winter :) I love...

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