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  • hey girl, was nice meeting you :) hope to see you again soon next time I will be out with my bike :D haha
    Wow . . . being female makes you an instant GTAM celebrity! ;)

    I like long rides by the beach, romantic dinners, . . . :p
    hey hows it going? nice pix, i just got my bike back to. its a 2006 katana 600. i love it. i come down to london way very often maybe we could hook up and ride some roads together. i dont have pix on here but i do have lots of pix. if your interested in seeing me and or my bike id love to send them to ya. let me know, send me a private msg with ur email addy, ill add ya to msn to if your cool with that. heres my addy
    I'm writing this here so that anyone who clicks this will see:

    I don't like catty girls, or drama.

    It's not what I do, and I don't want to be a part of it -- sooo take it elsewhere. Thnx.
    hey we should go riding sometime i am new to riding as well you have facebook or something?
    hey wats up man, how old are u and do u have facebook, wld not mind riding with u since i see u are new
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