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  • its an awesome bike, just as long as you dont expect it to be similar to the 250, dont expect any similarities between teh two
    i have a clean record so insurance is good but the fures is a killer it takes only premium and it takes more than my maxima, and i am getting more than other guys with the same bike, others are geting about 170 per tank i managed to get 250 by driving at 4000rpm lol
    Hey Toxic! Unfortunately, my team is already full. :( But see if you can get in the league as a Free Agent or something!
    honestly man i sold my 250 last week andi miss ist already,,, i wish i can get taht kind of mieage on my 600 it hits your walet hard.. and 250 can be loads of fun u just have to have the right upgrades instead of waisting your money
    hey dude, gotta head out west for some fun routes and it's better if you have like 5 hours to kill haha let me know if ur down for a run on friday evening
    You mean if I live close to poser HQ? LOL! No I don't, but I find myself there every so often when I feel the itch to strike a pose, errr, have a coffee. I'm by dixie.

    Tomorrow and thursday will be nice and mild for you to try your new found idle speed adjuster. Fire up your bike at about half choke and then adjust it so you're around 4-5k rpm, then slowly lower it as your engine warms up. Shouldn't be more than a few minutes. Find your idle adjuster and lower the choke all the way. If the revs are going too low give it some throttle and as you're doing that adjust your idle speed and see where the revs fall when you release the gas. I think around 1.5k is good.

    Good luck and tell me how it goes.
    Hey Toxic, got an invite to join sauga riders, I clicked on Ultra'a profile and saw your post about your bike stalling. My first bike was an 08 250, so i know what you're saying.

    If you know all this already, sorry :p

    Easiest fix is to increase the idle speed. On the left side of the bike there's a cable with a nob at the end of it. Twisting it will increase or decrease your idle speed. worst case you'll need to clean the carburetors. if you've never worked on anything mechanical, your should get a professional to help you.

    If this is your first bike, please don't jet, cut, stick, or mount anything on it. It's a waste of $ and you want your bike to retain it's resale value, cuz i'm willing to bet you're looking to upgrade, and when you do you'll have all the FI HP you'll ever need.

    Keep in mind Kawasaki has years of experience making motos, so they've made your bike to run rock solid the way it is for a long time, and a rock solid bike it is

    Anyway, Take care and ride safe please
    Re: Ninja 250
    These bikes are manufactured and delivered with very lean carburetion.
    Too lean to run well and be pleasant for the rider...
    The answer is a simple readily-available DynoJet jet kit.
    Costing $69 bucks, you get the bike carbureted like it's the 1970s again, ie. nice and sweet.
    Every Ninja 250 built needs one.
    They will then run better, cooler, last longer and be much more pleasant to own - and easy to start and keep running.
    This is just the bone-stock bike! If you change the air filtration (ie. K&N) or mount a slip-on pipe etc, your bike can become completely unstartable and even more miserable.
    The DynoJet kit is designed to work with K&N airbox replacement filter, which you clean and maintain and no longer disgard into landfill like the stock paper filters.
    If every Ninja 250 had a K&N and the jet kit, the world would be a much better place.
    DynoJet 2193, Parts Canada #134984 + K&N KA-2508, Parts Canada #152478
    Hey man, I’m glad you didn’t have trouble starting up your bike! To answer your question, I personally never ride with the choke on. In the past, I used to encounter the same ‘cold engine’ issue at the start of a ride, but I found there were a few things that may help – all of which have to do with you and not the bike;

    Before any ride, I made a habit of always taking most of my gear outside with me before putting it on (like my jacket, gloves, and helmet). This’ll give you the time to start the bike (with full choke) and let it warm up by the time you finish getting suited up. I let the motorcycle reach 4k rpm before slightly easing off the choke (which should lower the rpms significantly, even with the slightest adjustment to the choke). I found that once the bike reaches around 3k+ rpm, it’s moderately warm and ready to ride without any choke.
    I also wanted to add that it’s better to start riding the motorcycle as soon as it allows you to; just be sure not to let it warm up completely while at a standstill.

    ...other than that, all you could really do is wait :). Think of it as a rollercoaster; the more you wait in line, the more exciting the ride!

    Hope that helps!
    Yeah I got one and its tight as it could ever get. Maybe the clip is wearing down on the under-body of the cowl?
    aha unfortunately I don't have a seat cowl.
    here's a good video with 2 parts that might be helpful.
    YouTube- How to wash your motorcycle - part 1
    Get a cheap wax applicator from cambodian tire, that **** will make your ninja shineeeeee. :D
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