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  • Hey, I'll be heading out to the track on Saturday, but I may be free on Sunday. I'll let you know when I can ride.
    Don't ya worry Hank....I never have time to hibernate !
    Been very busy all for car , tires for bike, bought tire levers and rim protectors, mounted and installed rear tire.
    Sunday I have a family thing at 1:00 then, I will work on removing , mounting , balancing and installing front tire.
    Oh and have to walk dog in the bush for 1 1/2 hrs each day as well ( I walk and she runs !)
    I'll be intouch soon.
    Nice to see you today! I think I'm getting sick...had a sore throat by the time I got home. Hope you have a good ride tomorrow!
    Hey! The four of us got stuck behind a million cars! I took off on my own eventually, because I hate downtown Niagara Falls more than anything. I met up with a bunch later in Mississauga, and we kept riding!
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