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  • No idea......We should go big bike shopping in the spring. Find some other shorties and we can all go together. We need to find the lightest thing we can find and lower the **** outta it.
    hey Jonnie, when you have a free spot on your team, count me in ;)

    I tried to get a team together before the deadline but friends just got job offers and they had to cancel :(

    Anyways when are you guys gonna meet up again? Im craving for a smoothy :p
    sorry I missed you! I ended up getting stuck helping someone with moving out :( how was it?
    Oo I play on Fridays nd Sundays in Toronto. Didn't know that you could sign up for a rec team in Mississauga. Might join a team for the July sign up
    Many more?! PM me there names and I'll send them an invite as long as they're in Mississauga. It's always nice to meet fellow riders in the area :)
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