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    Ford government proposing photo radar

    Why Waze? There's usually signage that lets people know that there's a photo radar up ahead, no?
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    It's great to get a mechanic to help.

    Good to know there's still good mechanics out there to help us all!
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    guy in pic #2, nailing the body position!
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    New fork set would be nice... Certainly at the very least a fork oil and seal change.. on a 13 year old machine, that's going to be ridden hard, yes, why not? Point is, all that will cost extra $$ and might want to be taken into consideration while selling the bike.. but again, like some one...
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    If it is already track speced out with safety wiring done, forks swapped out or atleast new seals and fresh oil, motor in good condition, fairings in good condition, no signs of rash , perhaps with a set of warmers thrown in.... then yes, 5K for a 13 year old track bike is reasonable( to me)...
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    Dream cracked.

    Good for her to get on a pedal bike at 85 ! GWS !
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    If we look at comparable supersports like GSXR 600 and Kawi ZX6r, they are going for way less. As in higher year, with a lower mileage. A 13 year old vehicle, no matter how the condition is, cannot demand a such a price if comparable bikes which are 7 years old + with lower mileage are asking...
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    how is this bike in this thread?? Should be in the other one!
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    CB500F Struggling to Start

    well.. don't leave us hanging... what was the problem OP??
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    Kawasaki ZX25-R

    you'll also have to import in any parts associated with the bike as I guess a Kawi dealership will simply refuse to bring it in as their system will not show part #s associated with an Asian model.
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    How Many Of You Have Been Forced To Become Amateur Mechanics?

    oil change, chain inspection/tensioning , removal of wheels, inspection of break pads, clutch and throttle adjustment is kinda considered basic maintenance that can be done by the operator... it actually shown how to be done in most motorcycle operating manuals. I mean hell, there's a video out...
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    How far is too far?

    Going to start going to work from Oshawa to bottom of Black creek drive... I think I'm going to be FCu%$#!
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    Looking for reliable mechanic for older Honda CB750
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    10 collectible motorcycles to watch

    Yamaha R7 should be added to that list..
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    Couch shopping for a new bike

    couch surf the new upcoming( rumoured) CBR 600RR ... Due for sale next year..

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