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    2020 CSBK Season cancelled?

    I seen that on their site. They are running 4 classes and a track day on that Sat? Wow! Glad I'm booked on Sunday. Its gonna be busy.
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    Where can you see all the pics? And i don't have facebook
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    First time at Grand Bend. I enjoyed the flow of the track. Congrats KSR. You do a great job. I enjoyed my day. Thanks.
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    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    I have an 06 toyota 4 runner and its been great. It tows what i need. But i saw a GMC Canyon the other day and it had a diesel in it. Guy said its a small Duramax they developed for it. He said he fills it once a month and it can pull like 7000 lbs. I think if i was going to get a small pick up...
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    TMP vs. SMP

    I was there on Sunday running in the red group. I had no issues with anyone and lots of riders passed me everywhere which is allowed in the group. Yellow and green group can always be sketchy at times. I'm not crazy about TMP for a lot of the reasons listed in this thread. For me it's a test and...
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    Motorcycle Lapping Sun June 28, 2020

    Yup . That's Donald from Guys with bikes who run the track day. He is usually the guy doing the tech inspections.
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    Motorcycle Lapping Sun June 28, 2020

    TMP runs a day called surviving the streets on Aug. 1st. That might be worth trying with the cruisers.
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    "Oro Station" new track in Oro-Medonte? There has been talk about this track also for years now. And nothing happens.
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    Triggering Traffic Lights

    What about lights that use cameras to detect vehicles? I find they don't pick up bikes sometimes also.
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    Twilight track days

    They did do those evening track days but that was many years ago at TMP. There haven't been any I would say for at least 8 years now my guess. I can't even remember the organizer. Might have been Golo racing or maybe even pro 6. They were fun times tho. Usually lots of track time. Worst of it...
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    where are all the end of season track bike deals??

    We got your back. Pit near us.
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    Rogers are truly a scummy company

    I can't stand bell and I have not had any dealings with Rogers. I follow a group called Open Media who are constantly keeping an eye on the telecom giants and petitioning the government for more fairness and service to the public. If you can support them it may help us all in the end...
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    Bumper Cars at TMP

    I totally agree with you Brian. He is a red group rider but Pro 6 and Riders choice rules are if you have never been to Mosport before you ride green group for the day. Should he have been riding like that in that group; I would say no. And should he have been black flagged and talked to yes. If...
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    Bumper Cars at TMP

    Ok then. Wish you the best. Hope we can hook up for a street ride. Cheers Rob
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    Bumper Cars at TMP

    Brian. I hope you would approach Sandy and speak with him about this. Hopefully he can explain his logic for this. I have to agree with you. An experienced rider albeit on a smaller bike is better off in red group where the riders are more experienced. I am not the fastest rider out there but I...

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