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  • Disregard conversation. I found my FJ 09 for sale ad in the new section and edited it. Thanks.
    Wayne did pretty well up those little hillclimbs then! I need to get a new DS, the only way I could have had a better time yesterday is if I rode to/from the farm! Cheers
    hey Paul, I'm looking to do the m1 exit course in St Catharines soon, could you please let me know the discount for gtam members?
    Hey may i know the discount you guys offer for gta motorcycle forum members for the learning curves course, m1 exit course.
    Called to book my son for this weekend course - m1 to m2. There is only 1 spot remaining and I have reserved it but was advised to complete a form here at GTAm and make the payment.
    Where do I find this form?? Don't want to lose this spot!!!!. Please send private PM with instructions.

    Hey Paul!

    What you think about to generate additional section for demo-rides, so ppl wouldn't miss 'em?

    Hey Paul
    I recently joined this site as I am planning to get my M1/M2 this spring.
    I was reading posts for new riders and found this one very helpful.

    This post had a link to another post about the Learning Curves course and it said that I should message you for group discounts with GTAmotorcycle. I was interested in being able to take the most recent course. I live in Toronto and was wondering if you can help me out.


    just noticed that i should pm it to you
    my bad.
    Hi all

    For information about Learning Curves...Please PM myself or Cutekill.

    Please do NOT leave a message here as it may get missed.


    like many people here, I too would like to know about group rates/dates for Learning Curves training course.


    Hi Paul,

    My fiancée is looking to take the M1X course, just wondering how much it'll cost her and the dates available?

    Thanks ahead of time!
    Hey Paul,

    I had just recently passed my M1 licensing test, and was inquiring about the special group rates dealing with the learning curves program. Just wanted more detailed information on how the process is done.

    -Thanks hope to hear from you.
    Hi Paul,

    Can you please modify the thread "HEARTLAND Riders: Every Sunday @ 3:00pm" to the following;

    "Hwy 10 n Eglinton Sunday 3:00pm Rides Sq.1"

    It would be much appreciated,

    Thank you in advance
    Hi bro,

    If you got some time can you give me some more info with regards to Learning Curves...I got my M1 this week and would like to finish the M1X course ASAP. Can you please update me as to what the cost would be, when the courses are available (dates/schedules), new learners vs instructor ratio, group discount, if you have this course available in Mississauga and finally where and how can i pay/sign-up?


    Hello, new member here, just wanted to inquire about Learning Curves. I would like to take the course this summer hopefully. Could I just get some information regarding signup, costs, etc. Thanks! Also, how many people are required for the gtam member group rates? Thanks!
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