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  • Hey Paul...two questions:

    1. When the first GTAm track day this year...
    2. will u bring some site stickers out with u?! they make me
    go faster (lol)

    hey paul can you delete the thread I made for "where can I find coupons for the autoshow" in multimedia?
    I thought I was sending a msg to a friend but made a mistake by making the thread. Didn't know how to delete...sorry.


    Hi paul,

    I was just curious how i can delete my own thread. I had posted my bike for sale, but i don't wish to anymore. THanks
    Hi Paul,
    I'm new to forum that was introduced to me by my buddy kiwi.
    I just want to thank you for this forum and keep it alive. I had lots of fun this summer with different rides and group through the forum.
    To support the forum I sent you small amount through PayPal that hopefully you've received it. I hope to see a Site Supporter beside every member name.
    Thanks again
    Hey Paul, need a favor.... Cutekill keeps taking the sticky off my fall BBQ! It's 5 days away and she decides it's been up too long, I think she's upset with me for telling her to F off when she asked me to get her a coffee in Wawa Sunday morning. Petty? Well you know better than anyone how she is ;) Please look into it and help a brother out. Sorry you won't be there, but it looks like you're having way too much fun at the track this year! One of these days I'll drag my sorry butt out there and show you guys how a cruiser can rock! LOL
    Requesting again that my rep be updated to reflect the total in my CP.Thanks.
    Hi Paul:

    I just set up Vaughan/Maple Weekly Meets in the social group section. I guess the rest is up to you.
    Could you please update my rep. I'm showing 2 under my avatar but my CP show 5 in total. Thanks
    Hi all

    Thanks for visiting my profile!

    I rarely check my own profile, so please send a PM if you have issues or questions.


    oops... for some reason I didn't see the existing thread for PS SportBike Rally 09. Can you delete my post titled "Parry Sound SportBike Rally - Radar Run". I've added my post to the existing thread.. tks.
    Hey Dude,
    I'm just putting your soar rnd 2 gallery up. I"ll email you a link and let me know the pics you want full size.
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