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    Thieves usually don't walk up to your porch in broad daylight. He may be looking for his own stolen bike and is too shy or awkward in talking to you, especially if he finds his bike and he thinks that you may have it. On the other hand, even mentally challenged individuals do own driver's...
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    Ride Report: Yours to Discover to BC

    I'm always amazed at why in this vast country of Canada there is so much room to camp and then head off to a commercial campground for $47 and getting very little in return. In more congested areas or where services are needed it's okay but in God's Country there is so much room to spread out...
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    Long Way Up! On HD Livewire's...

    Not to put too much of a damper on this because it is good theatre and they are professional actors, but give me a million-dollar budget, a chase crew swapping batteries that are constantly charged by gas generators in the most remotest parts of the world, Patagonia, and I could do it with my...
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    Heated Gear

    I know this from skiing. Your primary goal is to heat the extremities since they cool off the first. When I heat my hands and feet I'm good, the rest stays comfortable too. Never understood the butt warmers since that is the hottest part of my body.
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    It's The No Passport Tour 2020!

    Some don't have enough excitement with the China Flu. Research says you are playing with fire on something that was relatively safe a couple of hundred years ago. Experience says the fantasy is probably more rewarding than the real thing.
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    Anyone buy a bike from Calgary ??

    Look at the $ value. Is it really worth it? It's a bike. Why the headache? If you were talking about a $60K car, there may be something to save, but a bike?
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    Do you fit the stereotype for your bike?

    This is what I read; Blah blah blah....grumble grumble.......blah blah blah....grumble grumble........blah blah blah....grumble grumble A motorcycle enthusiast? I think not. His name says it all.
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    Do you fit the stereotype for your bike?

    I rode the Finger Lakes about 10 years ago and checked into a hotel and I'm at the desk when a woman walks up to me and says 'I see you ride a Tupperware bike". I had no idea what she meant and asked her to explain, "your bike is all plastic, it's not a real bike with chrome". I could have...
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    Will it ever stop snowing?!

    Will you say that 10 years from now? You are in what I call the "honeymoon" phase. We all know what that's like, we want to ride no matter what. Once she's broke in, it will be like...."'s friken cold out, I think I'll wait for it to warm up next week."
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    70-Year-Old Guy Out-Rides Me In His Trike (Can Am)

    I test rode a CanAm Spyder a few years ago and going around corners or taking ramps at speed was a bit unsettling, like being on a motorcycle that was mysteriously magnetically held down, almost as though you are sitting on a couch, remaining flat and taking a lean. I think that...
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    Will it ever stop snowing?!

    Agree it was a relatively moderate winter, not too much shovelling, but it was way too long. I go for the winter of my youth, it was shorter and much colder, it snowed tonnes around Christmas time, and temperatures were lower on average (Toronto parks used to set up hockey boards and flood it...
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    Will it ever stop snowing?!

    I'm sitting in my living room right now watching huge nice fluffy white flakes falling on Richmond Hill, almost wishing it were nuclear fallout. This winter it started snowing November 1, 2019 and now we are passed Easter and it's still snowing. This has been the longest drawn-out winter on...
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    Some actual science on a touchy subject....darksiding

    My doctor used to say, 'we are the guinea pigs for the next generation'. Meaning that by treating our aliments with currently approved medicine now, may be discovered to be totally unsafe in the next generation, so a few of us will die to learn that lesson. And so it goes with motorcycle...
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    Motorcycle Navigation

    Scenic Motorcycle App
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    If you could have one bike...

    Ya, you really need to keep an open mind cause things are changing much faster than I ever thought. Even my mechanic says he's not worried and he will have lots of work on gas engines for the next 30 years. But who knows? Bloomberg says "peak oil" is supposed to hit in 2023/2024 and between 2025...

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