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  • Oh, I can get you that GPS, for a NOMINAL FEE. Hahahaha!

    And get the Fast Pack. It even holds small dogs (uh, when the bike is stationary)
    I just got my bike last monday... Dont really know anyone yet... Just got my M2 so i am a new rider... But i am looking for people to go for a ride with... Let me know ... Tks
    I wont make it for the morning

    You head out and if I can make it out there later I'll go up but from the looks of it, I'll be doing my brake job instead.
    I'm doing a wedding on Saturday night so I guess it all depends how that goes and what kind of shape I'm in. I'll try to let you know. You going on your own ?
    Hi! Nice to meet you! Hopefully we'll do the "official meet" very soon. My son (Matthew) reminded me that we didn't know your name.
    We made it home around 10 p.m. He was so "high" from spending the day on motorcycles that he didn't care. He definitely slept like a baby though.
    Take care...and thanks for making contact.
    I got to jet Thursday night for Wasaga, cottage and wedding. The Oakville boys are awesome, thats who I rode with before. When I get back from wasag we'll hook up for a ride around Guelph, I'm new to the place so I like to cruise around.
    Ya, I'll be riding still, just not on any group rides for a bit. Not going to lie though, me being grounded never really sticks too much I might get on a ride before school starts.
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