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  • (15:57:33) DaFrEnCh-TiCkLeR: Yeah boss, i think I broke my penis, there was a girls gone wild marathon last night and I beat the **** out of my cock, like you shoudl see t, it looks like a smashed mushroom
    (22:30:15) DaFrEnChGuY: I am thinking about these fucking cats, all day long.
    (22:30:20) DaFrEnChGuY: That fucker Yetti and his cartoons.
    (22:31:16) DaFrEnChGuY: So i like to **** cats whats the big fucking deal ?
    (22:33:03) AGAVE: i have never even thought about fucking a cat. dogs i can see.
    (22:33:31) DaFrEnChGuY: Cats are better than dogs, because they are tighter
    (22:33:53) AGAVE: i can see the logic in that
    (22:37:50) DaFrEnChGuY : one time, i was fucking this cat , and it wasnt declawed
    (22:37:57) DaFrEnChGuY : i still have some scratches from that adventure
    (22:41:32) DaFrEnChGuY : i had to get rid of the cat after,
    (22:41:45) DaFrEnChGuY: the wife still thinks it ran away ahh ah ah
    (22:43:59) AGAVE: gotta get rid of the evidence
    (22:44:27) CruisnGrrl: ive had that problem before, i'm glad the well diggers dug where they did. there could have been a problem
    (22:46:38) AGAVE: move the bodies. thats what i do

    sick bastards
    DaFrEnChGuY: nothing makes me feel weirder then a guy in a bathroom
    DaFrEnChGuY: How about I stick a phone with fecal matter on my head? WHy not, makes sense

    Weirdo :confused1:
    (14:18:23) DaFrEnChGuY: just got a new ass rimmed out from a customer
    It doesn't look like the weather is going to co-operate for us tonight. See you at the gym though!!!!
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