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  • Great meeting you as well! sorry I missed the msg notification :( look forward to more rides this year!!!
    I'm slammed up pretty good this week but if you make it out anywhere even local let me know and it's going to be a good reason to drag my ass out of my house!

    Let me know!
    I'd love to go for a spin, but trying to fix @#$%^%$#@ rad leak. Should have it done tomorrow evening, if rad shop fixes it properly this time. See ya soon?
    Hi Kari, I haven't been on almost since I rode with you, Chris and the gang a couple weeks ago. Going to try to get out with ya's again soon.
    Heya! Sorry about the belated response, I just found this page. It was great riding with you too, the trip on Saturday *was* my longest until the Algonquin ride a few days ago :)
    Hey Kari, it's Sandra. Just joined GTAM. I'll be getting a bike in the next few mths....enuff of being a pylon LOL
    you n chris care for a ride this weekend?
    kari no age limit for the rides...was just tryin to attract the young crowd as well, please PM me if ur gunna be in the area for a ride.. take care
    P.S. Please e-mail me at GTAmotorcycle@aca.cc in the future. I only found your message by accident as I don't check the board messages often.
    No concrete plans, but I'll definitely ride this weekend. I'd like to do a long one again and was thinking maybe Calabogie, but I'm open to suggestions if you are going too.
    I will definitely be riding this weekend Kari, but don't have any concrete plans yet - don't even know if it's going to be Saturday, Sunday, or both :). I'd like to do another long one, possibly to the East (Calabogie?), but I'm open to suggestions.
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