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  • You have that ninja out yet? What a beautiful day... Hope to see you out this year! You still do Tuesday Burritos?
    Hey Jay!!!! No beemer yet, still on my 250. No $$ to switch yet, boooooo!
    Hey Ak
    how do you do? R U ready for the season, I plan to ride around Milton escapement and Guelph Tomorrow Thursday Mar 17 as my kick off season, Can't wait to see you guys, Take care

    Sweety! It's a long time I never heard from you :(
    When are we going for a coffee? or something else?
    I'm in San Francisco right now. Will be back on Sunday. Wanna go for a cup of coffee?
    There's this theory that certain people (rhymes with shmanka) are trying to suppress certain people (rhymes with shmknowledge) from dangling participles. But the real answer to that question is that while I've read up on most of the more controversial stuff, I'm still undecided. I haven't picked up a conspiracy book in a couple of years, though - philosophy's really been doing it for me. How about you?

    Unleashing another participle, I awaited anka's reply. Take that! :eek:
    Why hello there! I would like to formally inform you that your exemplary grammar is commendable. That is all. Good day!
    Hi, Ak
    Nice to see on the road, look like streetville guys will ride 2morrow, Sunday 21. If the weather permit I'll probably ride 2 even I already put fuel stabilizer in my gas
    is it the name?
    ha ha.
    ever see that soccer movie from the early 90's? the ladybugs I think with jonathan brandis? I should change my photo back and use this mistaken identity to my advantage.
    Hi Anni, where do you go in the Falls, I, Chris and Mike waiting for you guys but didn't see so Chris and Mike go back to home. I went to see my buddies in the Falls and go back later.
    LOL...If you're successful with your pointe shoes, I insist on you teaching a class!! I'm dying to try with my platforms...then I won't have to change when i get to work LOL
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