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    Normal to be exhausted next day after long ride?

    Another thing to consider is the fit of your helmet? My first helmet was far too loose (I thought it was tight) and at higher speeds the buffeting would make my vision go blurry. When I bought my latest helmet (Bell Qualifier) I went one size smaller. Because the fit is tighter it is less...
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    Fatal motorcycle collision Hamilton

    The Hamilton Police Service is currently investigating a motor vehicle collision fatality No updates yet as to name of deceased or cause of accident.
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    Breakdown cover

    CAA Plus includes emergency roadside service for motorcycles.
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    Virago Purchase

    I had a Virago 250 as my first bike. It was a ton of fun! In some ways I wish I still had it just because it was a blast to boot down country roads. The reason you see so many of them going cheaply is that as soon as you start riding with others on more powerful bikes you start having to wring...
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    Oldie coming back to motorcycling

    Welcome back to riding, and congratulations to your wife for wanting to take up the hobby! My wife and I both ride, it's great to share the experience together. Planning any trips?
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    Super New

    My wife and I started riding together and our first bike was a Virago 250. It was a great little bike, and I was able to sell for pretty much what I bought it for after 2 seasons. We both took the course through Sheridan college (Now called MTOHP) They are site supporters and GTAM members get a...
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    Bad news for lovers of the Cabot Trail :( Happy April 1
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    mount go pro triple tree/clip on's

    Hi Arogal Welcome to the friendliest place on earth! A while ago I scored a GoPro Hero 4 Silver through Airmiles. I have found that the mounts that clamp onto the handlebars are a bit too wobbly for my liking. I ended up making something like this...
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    More trailer talk

    More trailer talk and construction blog I've enjoyed reading everyone's trailer stories here and thought I might as well chime in with mine. My wife and I have matching Virago 1100s and like to take them with us on vacation. We bought a small folding trailer (Chinese Kendon clone) because I...
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    From the Anglican Diocese of Niagara: We are heartbroken to share the tragic news that the Reverend Canon Robert Fead, rector of St. Jude's Anglican Church in Oakville, died yesterday in a motorcycle collision. Canon Rob was a gifted leader and colleague who served with distinction as a...
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    Ode to Spring

    As the days get longer and the snow starts to melt, the sap starts running, and the scent of maple syrup permeates the sugar bush. The Canadian motorcycle enthusiast emerges from his den where he has spent the past six months huddled by the fire, reviewing last seasons Moto-GP race videos and...
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    Possible to integrate motorcycle lift in garage floor??

    Like this? Nope, don't do it, totally impossible and impractical. ;) Kidding! Given how low bike lifts are when folded down I don't think it's necessary to build in a sump. We're only talking a few inches. If your water table is only within inches of your garage floor you have other bigger...
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    Sheridan College CCIW Burlington campus

    I'm looking on the Sheridan college continuing education website and found that they no longer offer the riding courses at the CCIW location in Burlington. Does anyone have any insider knowledge about why that is? Thanks! Chris
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    Niagara Motorcycle Show 2012

    Has anyone heard about this show? I just found it by browsing events in Ontario. From what I've read this appears to be the first year, they are advertising a large turnout and 250+ vendors. July 20-22, 2012

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