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    Coronavirus Please stop reading headlines. All condo projects, subdivisions, renovations, as well as other industrial sectors and commercial sectors are continuing
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    Construction still going....along with its infrastructure and manufacturing. This is going to get ugly. If you think we are social distancing on construction sites your delusional. Unfortunately these builders and unions are all in it together and in the pocket of Doug Ford, money first, lives...
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    Strobe /Flash tail light Ontario Rules ..?

    Used to think the flashing tail light was a good idea until your sitting in traffic and riding your brakes. Your light is flashing constantly and nobody knows what the hell your doing. Useless feature
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    Tory takes aim at noisy motorcycles

    Anyone know which neighbourhood this diva of a mayor lives so I can rev bomb while going by?
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    paying for gas

    Expecting someone to remove their helmet when they have cash in hand ready to pay and is clearly no threat to your business whatsoever than you are a total idiot. What's the difference between wearing a helmet in a gas station or wearing a backpack? What if I'm stealing or have a weapon inside?
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    paying for gas

    Never take the helmet off at gas stations or when using the atm at the bank, but always have visor up. No problems and if there is one, **** em
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    Apprenticeship questions

    Best trade for sure along with electrical, unfortunately there's such a demand for them yet companies hardly hire apprentices to keep work steady.
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    Akrapovic Dealer GTA

    I love this site sometimes. To even consider taking legal action over a stupid $30 baffle in which you failed to make sure was even there is laughable. Bite and bullet and learn for next time. And btw, that exhaust is a full system, even with a baffle it will be loud
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    Zin Motowear??? (Riding Jeans)

    Not a tailor myself but I don't see them removing the original stitching, just adding on. But even at worst you would be losing very little integrity of the jean at the lowest part of the ankle (most jeans don't even have Kevlar there)
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    Hello! Intro + Some Questions

    Thieves have their eyes on super sports and harleys which have a much higher risk/reward than a 125. I'm not saying don't worry at all about it being stolen, but it shouldn't keep you up at night. Keep it out of sight with a disc lock and you'll be fine
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    Zin Motowear??? (Riding Jeans)

    I use the coverts that Evo posted, can't go wrong with Kevlar and it's half the price You can always get them refitted to be tapered
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    Seeking someone to look over a first bike for me

    No idea why your rates are so high on a 125, when I was 21 I was paying 2000 full coverage on brand new r3, keep shopping around
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    Filtering: It's this simple

    Are you off your meds? I never admitted to lane splitting and my post was countering at the people saying "O well this would never happen if you looked at your mirrors at a stop light". If any of you "seasoned" riders were in the same position as the guy in the video, you would be in the hospital
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    Filtering: It's this simple

    A more obvious and safer option would be coming to a stop on or near the edges of the lane so any car not stopping would most likely end up rear ending the car in front of you. But I'll take your advice and keep my eyes glued to my mirrors at a stop, hopefully I got some ninja reflexes that I...

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