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Ugliest bike thread


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I don't have a paper bag to put over it,so i just used my Oxford cover to hide the Steve Busceminess of it. 2009 Ducati Multistrada 1100S



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Those Multistradas I think have gotten better with age. Not gorgeous, but I would call it cute. The only thing really wrong with it is the split upper fairing.

The FZ10/MT10 though, now that's an ugly bike.


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yup...the cops down there rode them
pretty sure they were the only purchasers

and look at the front brakes
I recall they for sourced from a Pinto

edit: and I see you found a cop on one, lol
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Rob Star

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is this a motorcycle? If so this is my vote.

I find a LOT of custom stuff is I'll only consider stuff that came off the factory floor for this thread ;)

The 80's werent a great decade for aesthetics either......but some of the 80's stuff is also terribly bad ass.


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Friend of mine rented and rode the Yamaha niken (pronounced nee-ken - apparently Japanese for 2 swords). Loved it. Hated how many people swarmed and asked questions whenever parked...

Said it was super easy to ride.


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Looks like a Cylon from the old Battlestar Galactica TV series with Lorne Greene.


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At least they're willing to try new things, how many times can you make the same old 1930's look and call it new?

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