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The daily commute


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I don't think that this R6 rider intended to flip up his plate at this time. Maybe it flipped up itself as it hit the tire when the suspension bottomed out (pun intended).

He didn't fully think through his flip plate, it looks like it will be visible while he is up on one. :/


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My leather jacket and full-length-zip leather overpants were sufficient to resist the road spray in the morning and even the light rain in the afternoon. This dude looks like he’s getting to work with wet knees...

I’m starting to see Maclarens on a regular basis now...

The city planted lilac in the median along Dufferin and Centre streets. You get a strong lilac perfume riding through here. Much better than the smell I experienced riding through Claremont last weekend...


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There's a bump in the road here. Someone lost a spare tire last week. I'm tempted to go pick it up and see if I can get anything for it on kijiji...

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