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The daily commute


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Is this the new observations thread?

Sent from the Moon!


gringo diablo
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droppin a deuce
lol, i think the meaning of 'deuce', especially when 'droppin it' has changed over the years. According to urban dictionary,


drop a deuce

pinch a loaf, take a dump, you know.
It's associated with "going number 2", because number 2 is "the deuce"

I just dropped a massive deuce in the urinal.


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HOV enforcement? YRP working on it's long-weekend performance target.

2-up on a Scrambler


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Did you ride through the Drive-through to get that Tim's?
If there was one that was close distance to my work for sure i would drive up and get the coffee. The only drive thru in the Downtown Core is at Leslie and Carlaw, and that place is crazy busy.


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Short boots with a platform heel are popular this spring

Looks like everyone rode their bike to work today


A couple of Suzukis (a couple on Suzukis?)

Harley Ultra

And several Ninja 300s



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Haha, I like that chart. I wave to everyone except e-bikes, but I'll only wave BACK to a harley. If you see a vintage bronze Magna be sure to post me :)

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