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The Co-operators -- NEW -- Quote & Buy Insurance Online :-) SS Friendly!

It's not the license class, it's entering my actual license number that causes the problem.

Hawk is an 88, and I tired the 89 that shows up in the list just to see, that's what asks me to call in.

The problem I had (actually my brother) was that he was tempted to switch to AllState based on a quote. When he finalized everything, they told him, oh, we made a mistake, so the price is now more (which was more than State Farm at the time).

The other occurence was when I switch my daughter away from Desjardins to another company using a broker. I didn't realize that it included a "loyalty" discount to match what Desjardins was giving us, but only good for one year. After that, the rate was higher than Desjardins, so it would have been better to not have left, but by then it was too late to go back.

Oh, I didn't try entering in the full Driver's License number -- that shouldn't cause a problem but maybe it's a transient problem.

I'm guessing the Hawk isn't able to generate a quote because of its age -- not that it's consdiered high risk, but the online tool mgith not be set up for more vintage bikes. I'm sure they can quote it if you call in :)

Yeah, that situation with Allstate is frustrating and shouldn't happen. As long as you enter in your information correctly to the Co-operators quoting tool, the quote/premium should be accurate. I've never heard of a temporary loyalty discount -- what it might have been was a "new client" discount that was in effect for the first year. But a loyalty discount doesn't kick in until you've been with a company for a couple of years.
Damn, my relic of a car can't be added to the policy. I get the auto-fill pop ups for 2004 models but 2003 is a no go so I guess 2004 is the cut off. Damn thing won't die so it's still around. Too bad.

Bike wise it is within $10/month of my current with Economical. I used to be with co-op but a few month lapse last year in 7 year continuous insurance (my mistake there) upped my old price with Cooperators 40% per month.
Thanks for the link and i just did an easy online quote but they were 40% higher. Too bad.

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