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The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread


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Another one that does nothing to dispell stereotypes. A lady from Brampton in a Lexus going the wrong way on the 407 in Markham.

Brampton woman charged after Lexus drives wrong way on 407 in Markham
"An open bottle of rum and cannabis was allegedly found inside. The driver was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle, over 80mgs, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and several other offences."

WHAT THE F***... and I bet she will at most get a suspension for a bit? People like this should never ever ever EVER be allowed to operate a 2 tonne vehicle. Hell, I'd tell her to stay off a bicycle after reading that (if the booze and weed is true).

I had a big argument with some of my old friends who are all my age (early 20's) about why you can't drive stoned... They just could not for the life of them figure out why driving stoned is a stupid idea. My favorite response was "Dude, I drive stoned more than sober, I'm good".


Mad Mike

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Close call number 2032 ..
morning ride
Hmmm.. Are you talking about the rider or the driver of that white car?

The rider is running 90 in what looks like a 60 the right lane...passing a bus with 2 cars waiting behind it. Looks like a forshadowing to the Fallen Riders/In Memory of thread.

Here's a tip from a rider who has managed to be accident free since 1978. 1) Don't assume that drivers can judge your speed when you 50% over the limit. 2) If you run fast in the city, at least find some safe tactics. Drivers turning left will be less likely to cut across when you are in the left lane and you almost eliminate right turners from connecting with you. 3) Respect urban speed limits a bit more than the limits on highways.

Seriously, be careful and smarter.
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Lexus driver saw you, but didn’t judge your speed/acceleration properly. Probably thought they had enough space after the van went past.

With an oncoming car, there is a ‘widening’ of the distance between the headlights as it approaches you, to aid in the speed/distance estimation. No such visual effect for a slim motorcycle approaching you. Maybe the driver had poor depth vision.

I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s gonna happen. The most common type of car-motorcycle collision?

Brian P

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Agree with above posts. Approaching an intersection with other vehicles present means ride at the speed limit or below. If there is an oncoming left-turner, that increases the risk, and that means ... slow down. Rider was going too fast for the traffic conditions. (Edit: Speeding up when the rider should have been slowing down due to the impending risks up ahead!)

I don't like going fast in the next lane beside backed-up traffic, either. Too much risk of one of the drivers behind the bus getting fed up with waiting, and changing lanes to overtake the bus.


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I don't like going fast in the next lane beside backed-up traffic, either. Too much risk of one of the drivers behind the bus getting fed up with waiting, and changing lanes to overtake the bus.
Glad you added that because I was thinking the exact same thing. Along with all the rest.

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If you've had over 2,000 close calls, then a bus pass is your best friend for life.

Hopefully, that was an off the cuff joke type comment you made.

I assume that I'm the second worse driver on the road, and therefore have to make allowances for my poor driving and mistakes.
I also assume that all of you (i.e. everyone else ) are tied for first. That means I have to make double the allowances for you.
So allowing for a minimum of three mistakes at all times.
That tends to drive my speed, road type, lane choice, track and everything else.


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You were accelerating going through that intersection, man i would have been slowing down seeing a busy intersection like that.

BP is spot on with your bad lane positioning and the bus in the near lane. You had other options.

Horn's not needed, haven't used one in 10 years, car drivers are deaf and blind lol.


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Double hit and run in Scarlem. Lady was flattened by a fuel truck that kept going (hopefully because they didn't realize they hit her), then she got run over by a civic. Driver got out, looked at her and then took off. I don't know how hit and run isn't an instant revocation of your license. Start again at G1 written test with the one year waiting period before you can try for G2.

Elderly woman dead after being hit by vehicles in Scarborough


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How does one influence laws so people people who do stuff like this face some kind of action towards having a license?

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