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Ride Report: Yours to Discover to BC


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Those food places look really good. I love sushi, but usually just get the normal veggie ones - those look great.

How is your bike for doing the super long days?
I recently did a 3000km run north around Wawa/Chapleau area. I found I need a seat and 1 inch bar risers. I'm waiting for Seat Concepts.
I already have a windscreen adjuster from T7 Rally.

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Those food places look really good. I love sushi, but usually just get the normal veggie ones - those look great.

How is your bike for doing the super long days?
If you pass by Calgary and have time, try them out, it's a small store, they also make traditional style matcha latte's and tea's, with the hand whisk and all. Deserts are also really great.

The bike itself is really fun, smooth, and the ergonomics are perfect for my 6ft self. I get no wind buffeting, just clean air, something the Honda CB500X just never achieved no matter what I tried, so in that regard long days are fairly easy. The seat however, is like any stock seat really, more comfortable than the Honda, however I do have to move around a lot and stand up here and there passed the 600km mark in a day. Like @Iceman I'm waiting on seat concepts to do something. I don't want to loose the narrow, long, dirtbike-ish design of the seat though. I did buy a sheep skin later on in the ride I'll mention in the report, maybe my behind was already too sore, I didn't find it helped in anyway.

Fuel economy is so so, I have to fuel up every 250-300km's when fully loaded depending on the roads/wind. So breaks get pretty frequent on long days just for gas stops, which help with comfort I guess


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Day 4-7: Calgary Pitstop

During the 4 day break at my sisters place, I got some time to clean the bike and check it over. Before heading into the mountains I wanted some heated grips and gear, so made my way to Blackfoot Motorsports to see what they have, I had ordered a jacket of them and needed to exchange it. I was going to get a set of Oxford grips, however they had some OEM yamaha ones for the T7 with a built in controller, so I just got those. Install was fairly easy, though later in the report a mishap will come to light.

Part of the reason to get to Calgary was my sister had a baby boy, hence spending a few days there on the way to BC, on the way back I spent a few more days here. I've been to Calgary about 4 times now, in all seasons, through the report I'll include some bonus pictures from those trips as I had more time and photography gear, plus the mountains are very different in the winter. I've spent alot of time in Calgary, Banff, and Vancouver in general.

Some may like this, a sign in my sisters washroom.

As I worked on the bike, my sister's neighbour came by and we got talking, turns out he has a bike and just finished a west coast trip the day before I arrived. He works at a motorcycle shop and rebuilt this beautiful BMW, he gave me some tips, places to visit, and roads to ride which helped a lot along the way!

Day 8: Calgary to Kootney Park Lodge

I knew I was going to have a late start to the day due to some plans I had with my sister, so this was always going to be a short day. My sisters place is not far from Canmore, and I had just planned to get to Radium Hot springs by evening, however that got cut short for good reason. Also, I left behind all my camping gear at my sister's to travel a bit lighter.

I got to Canmore for lunch, and stopped by Communitea Cafe, always my go to place there, simple selection and nutrient dense menu. I got an Avocado Toast, and took a Wrap+Walnut Muffin to go for later.

As I reached Banff the weather changed fairly quickly, with the mountains it's hard to tell sometimes if it will clear quickly, start to snow in 5 mins, or just drizzle all day vs hail any minute. I threw on some rain gear, turned on the heated grips, and continued forward. I didn't know the continental divide is right here, there's a race called the Tour Divide I used to dream of cycling a few years ago. Then I got a motorcycle and touring on a bicycle went out the window 😅 - Having done long distance cycling, I still think of it time to time, esp when I see cyclists going across Canada.

On my way to Radium Hot Springs, I stopped by Kootney lodge to see if they have any souvenirs, I had no plans to stay here. On my way in the owner, Greg, was outside loading his car and we got talking. He mentioned if I would like to stay in a cabin for the night...

I looked at the views, started to think about it, then he threw in a great price, and I just took it.

I'm glad I did, it was a really great place and experience. "Originally constructed in 1923 by the Canadian Pacific Railway the main Lodge and surrounding cabins are a piece of true Canadian history, an unapologetically rustic mountain experience." Without a doubt, I'll be back here again someday.

As I was about to start having the wrap I got at Canmore, a couple in the next door cabin noticed the Ontario plate on my bike and we started chatting. You can see their red Jeep in one of the images below, turns out they were from Ontario as-well. The guy quit his job few months back, bought the Jeep to start overlanding and drive to South America, after Covid hit he decided to just tour Canada. His girfriend lives and works in Calgary atm, though he has been on the road solo for over 3 months wild camping, they both gave some good pointers.

I got a fire going in the cabin, had the wrap and muffin, and went to sleep. It did start to rain at night, and from the morning picture you can see everything was still wet.

Some bonus images of the area I took a while back in December. I'm not carrying any sturdy tripods or night photography equipment on this ride, so these can help fill in. I'll post more when I reach the Icefields parkway and Jasper part of the report.

That's a what a moonrise looks like at night in pitch darkness.


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Nice report man, respect for packing so lightly! Those photos are pro
This thread and @shanekingsley 's thread gives me motivation to do a cross country tour myself, hopefully next year! I will need to take notes of all the places you guys have lodged at and any other places of interest

Thanks for sharing, keep it coming!


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Those are awesome pictures!

How much was it to stay in that cabin at Kootenay Park Lodge? Looks like a great place.
I think it's normally $200-300 for the night, ha gave it to me for $150 taxes in. Though it closes down on Friday for the season, my parents just spent the night there yesterday.

On that note, my parents stayed here in Nakusp 3 days ago and said it was amazing, I couldn't find a room in Nakusp at the time, so if your passing by, it's an option.

I ended up staying in Fauquier, at the Arrow Lake Motel, highly recommend it too, the owner was very polite, waited till 10.30pm for me, even gave microfiber cloths to clean the bike. I think it was $100-110 for the night


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