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Ride Report: The Lake Superior Coastal Ride


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Nice area!
(for your chain....carry a 1"x2" x 13" piece of wood on trips. Side stand down, from opposite side, lean on the bike from the subframe area enough to get the rear wheel up, and place the piece of wood under the swingarm to support the bike. Don't do it on a down slope. Bike needs to be in neutral. Lube away.....1 man job. Kick wood back & outwards when done.)

There is also things like this, which serve the same purpose:



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I wanted to go ahead, and explore all the rock drawings. But with riding boots, a heavy jacket, and a DSLR in one had – It was a risk I didn’t want to take. Perhaps I’ll be better prepared next time.

A few interesting spots on the trek back to the bike.

Back on the 17, I continued further down to a grand total of 2kms before I parked on the left at a lookout point

Stop 4: Agawa Bay Lookout Point

Another 5 odd kms down the road was the Lake Superior Provincial Park visitor center.

Stop 5: Lake Superior Provincial Park visitor center

It was a good opportunity to grab some memorabilia for the family. Queues were long – it took me almost 30 mins to get in, but a few things and get back on the road

Stop 6: Alona Bay Scenic Lookout

Stop 7: Pancake & Batchawana Bay

Next were the two bays. I spent some time just relaxing on the beach here

On the way, I stopped over at the Agawa Indian Crafts store to have a look around and relish a much-needed ice cream! It was, yet again, way too hot!

And finally, after three days circling the coast, I left Lake Superior behind.

The destination of the day was the Red Top Motor Inn, at Iron Bridge. I had a lot of daylight left, so I wasn’t too keen on going there directly. I pulled up on the side of the road and began planning route diversions in gmaps. I saw a decent, twisty road heading west off of the 17.

It was Hw 556 to Searchmont. I thought of giving it a try. Lo and behold, I had one of the best joyrides ever since I began riding in Ontario! What a magnificent road to lean on! A mix bag of tight switchbacks, and long sweeping corners. And to top it up, devoid of any traffic. The only slight drawback – Tar Snakes. So a little care was required, else I would lost the front to a washout.

The road ended at a junction – one lead to the Searchmont, which was a few kms ahead. The other was the ranger lake road, which was gravel

I was having too much on the 556 and was in no mood for 80kms of gravel to the 129. I would surely do this road, just not today. I was eager on going back the way I came to continue my enjoyment. So, I turned around back on the 556 towards the 17 and then continued towards Sue St Marie.

Stop 8: Sue St Marie Waterfront

I entered the city and headed toward a restaurant I’d heard rave reviews off – The breakfast pig – fo lunch. Unfortunately, it was shuttered for the day. So, I went to a mall on the waterfront and grabbed Chicken Teriyaki and Chowmein. Sat down near the riverfront looking over the horizon and enjoyed my meal.

After having my fill, I continued my journey. I had earmarked another roadside attraction on the way back

Stop 9: Echo Bay Loon dollar monument

Wasn’t as big or as popular as the nickel at Sudbury, but it was there nonetheless, and deserved to be clicked

It was around 3pm, and I still had some energy left for more exploration. So this time, I decided I would foray into the St Joseph’s Island.


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I found this quaint rest stop just before a bridge on the road to Richard's Landing. As always, beautiful little spot on the lake, devoid of any humans

Stop 10: Somewhere before Richard’s Landing

And for the last time – I finally turned around and headed back towards the 17 east. The ride back to the motel was as unremarkable, as the motel itself. But at-least I had a place to rest for the night. So I was happy. Dinner formalities were completed in the room itself.

Tomorrow, I push back home.


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I've never seen Old Woman Bay with no people on the beach or swimming. Nice to have it all to yourself.
The walk to those petroglyphs was pretty neat too. Great pictures as usual!
I liked that Agawa Bay Crafts shop - they had lots of nice t-shirts there too - some of the best Canada t-shirts I have come across.


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That's a great ride and an excellent report. Enjoyed your journey and I'll bookmark it for future reference :)

Since you have hard case luggage, I would suggest carrying sneakers for exploring/hiking. I can't even think of walking around in my riding boots for long, let alone hiking.


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That's a great ride and an excellent report. Enjoyed your journey and I'll bookmark it for future reference :)

Since you have hard case luggage, I would suggest carrying sneakers for exploring/hiking. I can't even think of walking around in my riding boots for long, let alone hiking.

Thank you.

I underestimated the distance I'd have to walk around in boots; but yes, that's a learning experience for next time.

Also, how expensive are motels around that area generally? I did read above in your post that it was around 100 bucks for a night, which does sound a bit high to me. Wondering if that's cos of last min booking?

Here are the rates:

1. Parkaway motel wawa - $100 + tax
2. White Fang motel wawa - $95 + tax
3. Red Top Motor inn iron bridge - $85 + tax

The first two were walk ins and the last one was pre-booked. So yes, that does make a difference.


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Great pictures, you have natural talent for taking great photos.

I did pretty much the same trip early June, nice roads and probable something I would not have done if the border was open.


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@kurtrules how did you find the air quality with the wild fires going on right now?
There were no wild fires when I was there. Can't say.
But, I can let you know in a couple of weeks. I am taking my family up there (They also need to experience this route) next week on a vacation and we'll drive through 17 and 11. I will update.this thread.


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Yeah the pictographs park is neat, I understand the risk of going on that rock ledge to see the artwork. I had a death grip on my phone when I went to take pictures. There are also these painted rocks along the paths with little sayings on them. I only found them because someone else spotted them and was taking pictures otherwise they are somewhat hidden.

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