Please read , this is a must |

Please read , this is a must


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After being stuck in a really bad situation , the side of I65 in Kentucky with a tornado warning . I was able to hobble to an overpass which i climbed under and started to find help .. some calls , texts and facebook call outs landed me in touch with this group .
This is a Biker rescue group . Which goes both ways , help stranded riders near you and get help if stranded . This group helped me in a huge way . I was picked up and given a place to put up my tent , then he helped me tear down my motor and fix the problem to get me home . I now have a new life long friend .
Please join and become part of the greater motorcycle community .


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Very cool!

I once spotted a dude with a ~1960's broken down Indian motorcycle on the way to Toronto from Barrie; we was riding on his way to some big meet in Orillia. I stopped and tried to trouble shoot the issue, but I think he needed a new distributor. Called motolimo for him, waited with him roadside until I couldn't anymore and went on my way.

Pay it forward!

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