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North York Riders, Let's RIDE...


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Where do north york riders usually meet up at...? (which tim hortons...)


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I can make it to these venturous spots in north york.
I'm usually at the Tims on Shepphard (between Bathurst and Allen).


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Meets will happen Thursday nights from 7PM-

Tim Hortins between Bathurst and Young on the North side of Steeles just before McDonald.


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if anyone else wants to meet up earlier i would be open to that as well

edit: the weather looks like its gonna dump some rain so i wont be coming out tonight.
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I just moved to Kennedy and Shepherd. If you have facebook ridding group please let me know. I'd very like to join you. I am a new rider, only spent around 200km on my bike. I do want to ride with you more experienced guys. Thanks.


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If you don't have much experience, I would not recommend to ride in big groups of experienced riders right away.. It can be pretty difficult to learn riding and keep up with others (especially if the group rides curves).. Try to ride solo or with 1-2 other riders at the beginning for some time just to get the feel of the bike. And please do practice in some parking lot (especially emergency braking and low-speed manoeuvres) <- it will help you in the future a lot.

There is a nice meet near you: 2nd Cup Wednesdays (North York) [Formerly Kawi Wednesdays]. These are nice people and they can answer all your questions and help you out. Also, you can PM me (I'm mostly riding in evenings) and we can ride/talk ; )


Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate that. I will practice in the parking lot. I will PM you or meet you on the Wednesday event :)

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